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Due to public health measures related to COVID-19, BWell programs and services have changed. Please click here for the most up to date information.

Health Promotion is dedicated to facilitating interactive workshops that provide accurate health information in a non-judgmental, inclusive style. Choose from the list of topics below or we can tailor a presentation to best meet the needs of your group. All programs are offered virtually only until further notice.

During the academic year, the fastest way to request a program is to submit a workshop request form. For the 2020-21 academic year, the workshop request form will be available starting August 24th. During the summer when the workshop request form is not available, or if you have questions, please email, or call the BWell office at 401.863-2794.

Facilitated Workshops provided by peer educators:

Please note: For Fall 2020, Masculinity Peer Education (MPE) workshops and Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG) workshops are available in virtual formats.  SAPE and Healthy Athletes workshops are temporarily unavailable for Fall 2020.

Masculinity 101 Peer Education Workshops

Peer-led facilitation workshops that help students unpack toxic norms of masculinity and reflect on what healthier norms of masculinity can and should look like. M101 student coordinators will meet with interested group leaders to select workshops based on our student-written curriculum, with topics including Learning Gender, Privilege 101, Cultivating Empathy, and Harm and Healing.

Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG) Custom Workshop

Peer-led workshop to explore sexual health topics. Can be customized to your group's needs and interests.

SHAG DeSTIgmatization Workshop

Learn about, demystify and destigmatize sexually transmitted infections.

Sexual Assault Peer Education(SAPE) Workshop

Please note that for Fall 2020, SAPE workshops are temporarily unavailable. Peer educators provide foundational knowledge about interpersonal harm and the environmental factors that facilitate it.  Students will have the opportunity to talk to each other about consent, identity and experience, and how everyday actions provide the opportunity to prevent harm and support survivors. This workshop will introduce the importance of self-and-community care and of drawing from the group's shared values to motivate and sustain change.

HEALTHy Athletes Peer Education Workshops

Please note that for Fall 2020, Healthy Athletes workshops are temporarily unavailable.

Fulfilling Interpersonal Relationships: You and your team will be able to name healthy and unhealthy characteristics of relationships, distinguish the different types of relationships and assess their own power dynamics and boundaries. You will also be able to identify on-campus resources and tools to navigate difficult situations.

Establishing Self-care and Mental Wellness: You and your team will be able to identify self-care habits, define mental wellness, implement the components of OARS (communication technique), and identify on campus resources.

Cultivating a positive team culture:  You and your team will be able to identify the different kinds of team cultures, explore the main characteristics of a team culture, clarify their own team values, and determine realistic and attainable steps to contribute to a more positive team culture.

Facilitated Workshops provided by BWell professional and student staff:

Cultivating Desire and Boundaries

It can be hard to know what you’re interested in with dating and sexuality.  This workshop will give participants a model for assessing one’s values around sexuality, in turn recognizing desires and boundaries concerning sexual and romantic expression.

Dealing with Rejection

This workshop will focus on cultivating skills for those who are initiating personal requests with others.  It will focus on communication skills, as well as addressing emotions that arise from “putting yourself out there” and facing the possibility of a “no” to requests.

Sleep Hygiene

This workshop introduces participants to brief mindfulness techniques to manage stress and increase resiliency.

Stress Management Practicum

This workshop provides insight into how to manage stress and offers the opportunity to try out some hands-on de-stress activities.

Supporting Survivors

A friend is the most likely person that someone will turn to if they have been sexually assaulted. Come learn what helps, what doesn’t help, and what a big difference you can make in your friend’s life. 

During the academic year, the fastest way to request a program is to submit a workshop request form. During the summer when the workshop request form is not available, or if you have questions, please email, or call the BWell office at 401.863-2794.

BWell Supported Workshops and Programs


BURP's usual offering of short neck and shoulder massages is suspended during the Fall 2020 semester. Instead,  for Fall 2020, BURP is offering alternative stress relief programming via a weekly virtual Wind Down Wednesday during the semester. Learn more and get notifications of programming by following BURP on Facebook.

Workshop in a Bag

Prefer to lead your own group workshop? Request a BWell Workshop in a Bag and bring health empowerment information and strategies to your group, on your schedule. 

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