Accessing Care

LGBTQ Health Care at Health Services

Health Services strives to be a safe space for LGBTQ students to seek appropriate, sensitive, non-discriminatory health care.

What you can expect
On a visit to Health Services you can expect to receive comprehensive care that is sensitive to you as an LGBTQ person and knowledgeable about health care concerns you might have. This includes, but is not limited to, concerns you might have about sexual health and sexuality. Questions about sexual activity are not intended to stereotype you and are not based on assumptions about how you behave. Rather, they're a standard part of care at Health Services. A good medical provider will ask questions about your health behavior in a sensitive way, not making any assumptions, but assessing your level of risk. However, if you ever don't feel comfortable answering a question, just say so. Remember that your visits to Health Services are covered by medical confidentiality laws.

Patient-provider communication
You play an integral part in the health care you receive. Communicating openly and honestly with your medical provider is an important way to receive comprehensive and sensitive medical care. This includes talking about issues like sex and gender identity. It's also important that you feel like you can ask questions of your provider. We suggest that you find a provider at Health Services that you feel comfortable with to take the lead on your medical care. While all providers are available to you, this provider can come to know your history well, and, by building a relationship with this provider, you will optimize your health care and feel safer discussing your concerns and issues. You can ask around about which providers your friends use or make a point of meeting different providers when you schedule appointments. You can always request a specific Health Services provider by name or request a provider by gender. Here is a list of Health Services providers with pictures and bios.

Prepare for your visit
One way to approach a trip to Health Services if you're nervous is to do some research before you come in. Check out any of our pages on common college health issues and concerns that may be relevant for you. If you are coming for a gyn visit, you can learn more about what to expect here. If you are coming in for STI testing, you can learn more here. If you have questions for your provider, write them down and bring them in -- sometimes it's hard to remember all of your questions once you're in the exam room. Remember that you can tell your provider that you are nervous and they can help you through the questions.

Give feedback
Finally, patient comments are very important to UHS. If you have any feedback, good or bad, please fill out a patient survey, which is sent regularly after visits and is also available on the Health Services website. We address all complaints, and the more specific you are, the better UHS will be able to fix the problem. If you choose to leave your name, they will follow up with you.

Health Services is located at 450 Brook Street. Call 401.863-3953 to make an appointment. 

On-Campus Resources

Brown LGBTQ Center   401.863-6062          
The LGBTQ Center is a safe space for all students, staff, and faculty dealing with questions of sexual orientation and gender identity. The Center offers confidential support, information, and referrals for LGBTQ individuals and the people in their lives. Additionally, it offers fellowship advising and assistance with academic projects, as well as educational workshops and social events.

BWell Health Promotion 401.863-2794
Health Promotion is available for individual appointments and group education on a variety of health issues, including LGBT health, alcohol, other drugs, nutrition and safer sex. We have condoms, lube, and dental dams available at rock-bottom prices. Come visit us, we are located at 450 Brook Street.

Health Services 401.863-3593  
Health Services provides a range of services including general health care, STI testing, inpatient services and emergency medical care. You can request a specific medical provider by gender or by name. We are located at 450 Brook Street. Call 401.863-3953 to make an appointment.

Counseling and Psychological Services 401.863-3476
Counseling and Psychological Services provides individual appointments, referrals, and groups on a variety of issues, including SORT (Sexual Orientation Reflection Time).

Chaplain's Office 401.863-2344 
The Chaplains are available for personal counseling about religious and social issues, parental and peer difficulties, career choices, interpersonal relationships and sexuality. A number of programs are offered during the year that include ecumenical discussion groups, innovative worship experience, ecumenical services, and dramatic and artistic events.

Queer Alliance 
The Queer Alliance serves as an umbrella organization for a number of groups on campus. Its mission is to be a multifaceted service to the LGBT community by offering resources through subgroups, community discussions, and events. You can e-mail [email protected] for more information or to get involved.

Off-Campus Resources

Options (Gay and Lesbian Newspaper) 401.781-1193 
Rhode Island's gay and lesbian newspaper provides local news, health information, arts information and lists local resources and support groups. You can request free copies online or view recent issues online.

RI Pride 401.467-2130          
RI Pride promotes and celebrates the diversity and successes of the LGBT community. The web site includes a calendar of events and volunteer opportunities.

Youth Pride, Inc. 401.421-5626   
Youth Pride, Inc. has a drop-in center, support group and outreach activities for LGBT youth ages 13-23.

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