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Welcome to the sexual health section of the website. These pages contain information to help you navigate the sexual choices that feel right for you. Some general sexual health tips to keep in mind:

Get regular medical care. If you are sexually active, this medical care should include getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Practice safer sex (like using condoms or dental dams) when you have sex to prevent STI transmission.

If you are having sex which could result in pregnancy, research the contraceptive options that are available. Use these methods in conjunction with, not instead of safer sex methods. For example, if you are using the pill, remember that this will only work to prevent pregnancy, and you can also use a condom to prevent STI transmission.

You may also find it useful to explore the sexuality section, which includes information on orgasmsex toys, and more.

This page is based on the Contraception Connection booklet from SHAG, a resource created and regularly updated for Brown students by Brown students.

Many people have questions about the dynamics of consent when they, and/or their partners, have been drinking or using drugs. There are a few realities we must face when it comes to alcohol, drugs, and consent:

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What is SHAG?

The Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG) is a peer education program from Health Promotion. SHAG is comprised of Brown students who promote sexual health on campus through workshops, a confidential texting Q&A response service (if you are a Brown student, click here for the texting number), and other outreach projects.


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