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Health Promotion is dedicated to facilitating interactive workshops that provide accurate health information in a non-judgmental, inclusive style. Choose from the list of topics below or we can tailor a presentation to best meet the needs of your group.

The fastest way to request a program is to submit a workshop request form. If you have questions, please email, or call the BWell office at 401.863-2794.

BWell Facilitated Workshops

Alcohol 101

What do people like about drinking and how can they avoid the things they don't like when it comes to alcohol? We’ll talk about different factors that affect your response to alcohol, including tolerance and expectations.

Eating Concerns: How to Help a Friend

This workshop discusses the best ways to support someone with an eating concern.

Fueling for a Busy Lifestyle

On or off meal plan, learn how to fit healthy nutrition into your busy schedule.

Sex Trivia or Sex Jeopardy

Host your very own trivia night or sex jeopardy competition, complete with fantastic SHAG hosts, prizes and tons of fun with a little sexual health info sprinkled in.

Safer Sex Express

This hands-on workshop gives students the opportunity to learn about safer sex methods by moving between "stations" where they explore a method through discussion and experiments.

Supporting Survivors

A friend is the most likely person that someone will turn to if they have been sexually assaulted. Come learn what helps, what doesn’t help, and what a big difference you can make in your friend’s life. 

Coercion Dynamics

This presentation explores the dynamics that can cause harm in all types of interpersonal relationships, whether romantic, familial, friendship, roommate, working, academic and beyond.  Learn how to recognize the overt and covert tactics used to gain power over others, on both a micro and macro scale (interpersonal as well as communal/societal).   Recognize warning signs and discuss how you can help a friend and direct them to resources. Special attention will be paid to the use of identity as a tool of control and the experiences of oppression that can contribute to additional vulnerabilities. 


This workshop engages participants in a discussion about the meaning of consent.  Students will learn clear, practical guidelines for having open, honest, and consensual sexual activity and relationships.

Stress Management Practicum

This workshop provides insight into how to manage stress and offers the opportunity to try out some hands-on de-stress activities.


This workshop introduces participants to brief mindfulness techniques to manage stress and increase resiliency.


The fastest way to request any of the programs listed above is to submit a workshop request form. If you have questions, please email, or call the BWell office at 401.863-2794.


BWell Supported Workshops and Programs


Receive stress-relieving neck rubs from Brown University Relaxation Project (burp). Click here to submit a request for a burp program. Please note that BURP is only available for programs when classes are in session.

Workshop in a Bag

Prefer to lead your own group workshop? Request a BWell Workshop in a Bag and bring Mindfulness or Stress Reduction strategies to your group, on your schedule. More topics coming soon!

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