BrownReady refers to Brown University emergency preparedness efforts including written programs and guidance, emergency communication systems, training and response.  BrownReady was developed to help the University and our community members to prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.


Brown University was the first University in the state of Rhode Island to become accredited as StormReady through the National Weather Service. This commemorated our commitment to preparing for severe weather events through advanced planning, education and awareness.

BrownAlert System

Brown University has an emergency alert system that can help notify students, faculty, and staff if there is an urgent situation or crisis.


Brown University has completed the installation of an outdoor Emergency Siren Warning System on its main campus.

Shelter in Place

During certain emergency situations you may be required to shelter in place rather than evacuate the building.

Emergency Action Plan

The Brown EAP was developed to ensure the safety of Students, Faculty, Staff and visitors in the event of a fire or other emergency. The EAP provides information on evacuation procedures, emergency contact information, hostile intruder guidance, sheltering in place and fire prevention.

Continuity Planning

Ensures that the Brown community is appropriately prepared to continue its mission in the event of significant disruption.

Social Media During Emergencies

Social media has become a critical component to deliver news faster and to a wider audience than traditional news sources for emergencies. However, that also means the potential for misinformation. Members of the Brown community should refrain from spreading emergency information on their personal social media accounts and should never communicate for the university.

Hurricane Plan

The Brown University Hurricane Plan is designed to provide planning information and procedures for hurricanes.