Working Together

Encourage your student to come see us early on.  Many students wait until a problem becomes a crisis.  Students should feel free to come see us even if they think perhaps their concern is “too small.”  

We welcome communication from parents  regarding concerns about a student at any time, and certainly when a student is managing a complex circumstance, either of a medical or personal nature. If you are concerned about a student's health or behavior, please call us at 401-863-3145 right away. In case of an emergency, call the Department of Public Safety at 401-863-4111.

Signs Your Student Might Be in Distress

We encourage you to check in with your student on a regular basis to see how they are doing.  As mentioned above, you may very well be the first to notice changes in their behavior. Please see Helping a Student in Distress for common or potential signs of distress as well as how to support your student during these times.

If you are concerned and your student is unwilling to call Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)  and/or Student Support Services themselves for an appointment, you may also reach out to us directly yourself for guidance on this matter.

In an Emergency

Please see our emergency contacts page