OVPR Salomon Faculty Research Awards Fund Guidelines
2018-2019 Academic Year

Deadline: November 5, 2018 (5 p.m.)
Apply via: UFunds
Award: Up to $15,000


Designed to recognize excellence in scholarship, the Richard B. Salomon Faculty Research Awards fund exceptional faculty research projects. From 1995 to 1999, the program was funded by the bequest of the late Richard B. Salomon, Chancellor of Brown University. Since 1999, the University has continued to fund this program.

Any Brown faculty member whose research is administered through Brown is eligible. Emeritus, adjunct, and visiting faculty, as well as postdocs, are not eligible to apply. Faculty who have received a Salomon grant in 2016 or later are not eligible to apply.

Amount and Duration of Awards
Grants of up to $15,000 are awarded for one year. These are meant as development grants and may not be renewed, but no-cost extensions may be granted with appropriate justification. Requests for extensions for awards given in 2019 must be submitted to OVPR by May 1, 2020. Funds not expended by the completion date will be returned to OVPR.

Criteria for Selection
The research project will be considered and evaluated by a committee of faculty reviewers who will make their award recommendations to the Vice President for Research. The final selection will be made based on the following criteria:

  • intrinsic merit of the work and potential impact of the proposed activity on the academic field of study
  • likelihood that the award will provide significant progress on a project that would not be possible without the funding
  • likelihood that the proposed work would be completed during the award period

Preference will be given to junior faculty who are in the process of building their research portfolio.

Award Conditions
Award funds may be applied toward reasonable and necessary costs of conducting research and scholarship. Some, but not all, allowable expenses include: the purchase of equipment, materials and supplies, travel, and office expenses. Full or partial stipends for advanced graduate students who have completed their course work, and research stipends for undergraduate research assistants (RAs) may also be funded. Expenditures for faculty salaries (either summer or academic year) or for graduate student tuition are not permitted (the Graduate School will pay 100% tuition for students supported by OVPR Salomon funds). Please refer to the Brown IP Policy for questions regarding intellectual property.

Reporting requirements
Within 60 days of the end of the approved award period, the recipient must provide OVPR with a final report. This report should outline the work accomplished as a result of the award, highlight the significant progress made on the project, summarize any publications, and describe any significant deviations from or extensions to the project described in the original proposal.

Timeline and Procedure for Submitting Proposals
Proposals for funding should electronically via UFunds no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 5, 2018. Selections will be announced on or about February 1, 2019. Funds will become available to faculty in mid-February, 2019, for use by the end of June, 2020*, unless an extension is approved.

*Please note that supplies/equipment/services purchased with these funds must be received by the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2020) in order for them to be charged against the account. Travel must also have been completed by that date.

Application Requirements
Full proposal: The online application will be available through UFunds beginning Friday, August 24, 2018. The application includes the following components:

  1. PI and Co-PI names (specifying contact information for the PI), titles, and departments.
  2. Proposal Title
  3. 250-word abstract describing the proposed research project, the research group or enterprise that will ultimately result from this initial effort, and an assessment of how Brown's position in the field will be advanced. (Please note that this abstract should contain non-confidential information, as abstracts of funded proposals will be posted on the OVPR website.) This will be entered (or copied and pasted) directly into UFunds.
  4.  Proposed research project (text, including footnotes, should not exceed 3 pages. Font should be Arial, at a size of 11 or larger. Margins, in all directions, must be at least 0.5”.). The proposal should summarize the relevant background literature and research that puts the project into the appropriate context and explains how it will significantly contribute to the faculty member’s scholarly field. The applicant should describe the project in terms that do not require reviewers to be experts in the sub-area of the proposed research. The description should include the goals of the research, the activities to be carried out to achieve those goals, and a timetable for completing these activities. *Please note that the 3-page limit will be enforced; proposals over the limit will not be accepted. Proposal will be uploaded as one pdf file in UFunds.
  5. A short (no more than two pages) list of references/bibliography may be appended. This will be uploaded as one pdf in UFunds. A short (no more than two pages) list of references/bibliography may be appended.
  6. A current curriculum vitae. This will be uploaded as one pdf in UFunds.
  7. As pertains to this research project, a list of the applicant’s other current and pending funding for external research support, as well as any current or pending funding for grants internal to the University. This will be uploaded as a pdf in UFunds.
  8. A budget that itemizes general categories of expenses for which award funds will be used and a brief justification for these expenses. Note that as these are internal funds, overhead costs are not allowed. The summary budget will be entered as line items directly into UFunds.

To be submitted (through UFunds) under separate cover:
A letter of endorsement from the applicant’s dean/chair discussing the proposal’s importance in terms of the selection criteria. In the event of multiple proposals from the same school/department, the dean/chair may be asked to rank the proposals. As part of the online application process, applicant will be asked to enter the name of dean/chair (letter writer is referred to in UFunds as “Recommender”); request then will be sent automatically via UFunds to the dean/chair. Applicant should also reach out separately to dean/chair to discuss application. Note: In the event of multiple-PIs from different departments, multiple letters may be submitted, one from each dean/chair. Otherwise, only one letter is allowed.

Questions? Please contact: (401) 863-5145 or Research_Opps@brown.edu