Brown University Guide to Disclosure & Approvals related to Foreign Engagements & Research Activities

This document is a guide to assist researchers with determining disclosure and approval requirements related to foreign engagements and research activities. This guide is not intended to address every potential scenario. If you discover that you did not receive required approval or did not appropriately disclose a foreign engagement or research activity as required by University policy or by federal regulation, contact the Office of Research Integrity to determine the appropriate course of action.

Research Sponsor Disclosure Requirements

Federal sponsors are focusing more closely on the full disclosure of project support than in years past.  There is concern about ‘under-reporting’ of available research funding and of foreign sources of research support, foreign appointments and affiliations, and other types of foreign support, including non-financial support. It is critically important that complete and accurate information about research support and academic and professional appointments and affiliations are included in all grant and contract proposals whenever required. This requirement will vary from sponsor to sponsor, so be sure to closely review and abide by the Office of Sponsored Projects' disclosure guidance.