Negotiating and Accepting an Award

All Sponsored awards received on behalf of Brown are reviewed by Pre-Award Grant & Contract Administrators at the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). Agreements are negotiated to permit flexible operation under the University’s regular policies and procedures, permit free publication of results, conform to principles of the University Patent and Copyright Policies, permit the University and Principal Investigator to exercise administrative, programmatic and scientific control and responsibility for performance of the activity, and reimburse the University for both direct and facilities & administrative costs of research.


When a new award with subaward(s) is made to Brown, the OSP Grant & Contract Administrator will confirm with the Principal Investigator (PI)/Department Administrator (DA) how the subaward(s) should be issued.  The email will also request a Subaward Order Form for each subcontract along with revised budget and SOW as necessary.

Once all of the necessary documents are received the subaward(s) information is passed onto the Post-Award Grant/Contract Accountant to create a child account for each subaward internally in Brown’s systems. The Pre-Award Grant & Contract Administrators will then create and, if necessary, negotiate the subaward agreement. Once the terms are agreed upon and the partially executed agreement is received the Grant & Contract Administrator will finalize and issue the subaward sending a receipt of this action to the PI and Department Administrator.

For a more comprehensive overview of the subaward process can be found on the Subaward Lifecycle webpage.

Award Set Up

Pre-Award Staff ensure all the necessary approvals are in place prior to handing the award documentation to Post-Award for setup. Example of approvals needed before an award is setup include, but are not limited to, conflict of interest training, the absence of a Significant Financial Interest (SFI) or an established SFI management plan, IRB approval, IACUC approval, etc.

Within twenty-four hours of receiving the award from Pre-Award Staff the Post-Award Contract/Grant Accountant will review the award and enter the award information into Coeus. The information entered into Coeus is integrated into Workday overnight. The award is reviewed in Workday for accuracy with the Coeus record; invoicing and budget(s) are added to Workday. An email notification, including a copy of the Notice of Award, is sent to the Investigator and Department Administrator informing them of the setup and asking for review of the record.

For additional assistance, please click here to determine your Pre-Award and/or your Post-Award contact.

Notice of Grant Award (NOA)

A notice of grant award, NGA, NOA or NOGA, is an award notification from a sponsor. Typically, it contains information about the amount of funds obligated, the time period for performance, and the scope of work. In addition, the notice provides information about the terms and conditions associated with the award. If a Principal Investigator receives an NOA directly, he or she should forward it to the Office of Sponsored Projects for review, negotiation, acceptance, and award setup. See NOA examples listed below:

Reading a National Institute of Health (NIH) Notice of Award
Reading a National Science Foundation (NSF) Notice of Award