The Office of Research Strategy and Development, in the Office of the Vice-President for Research, serves as the primary support office to help faculty navigate today’s challenging federal research funding landscape and prepare competitive grant proposals. ORSD will assist you in thinking about all the components required for a competitive proposal.  Preparing a proposal will involve at a minimum your department grant manager and OSP contact. Depending on the work proposed, it may also involve compliance offices like the IRB and IACUC, and the library system (for data management).

Also, ORSD provides program management for large and/or multi-department grant applications, where RD serves as the primary point of contact for faculty for all aspects of a grant, helping the faculty member find the right person at Brown for any grant-related questions and planning ahead for all support a principal investigator may need from offices throughout OVPR and other organizational units at Brown to submit a successful proposal.

Specific ORSD services include: grant writing workshops, proposal responsiveness review, assistance developing broader impacts and outreach components for proposals, providing institutional support letters for proposals, guidance on developing management plans, guidance on evaluation plans, help identifying institutional cost sharing for proposals, templates for facilities pages (see here for some draft language), data and templates about diversity programs at Brown, arranging agency program manager visits to campus, and arranging faculty visits to Washington, DC to meet with agency program managers and participate in agency research workshops.  Also, we maintain a library of recently successful grant proposals available as models.

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