Using Images

Brown has an image use policy that establishes standards for use of still or motion images in Brown communications that include recognizable individuals. Brown University is subject to state and federal laws regarding privacy that require permissions for images highlighting individuals for marketing or promotional purposes.

In order to display images in Brown print or digital communications, the unit hosting that communication must have permission from the people who are highlighted in the photograph or video if the photograph meets the standards of being used for marketing or promotional use. Brown or the unit also must own copyright of the images, and/or have an agreement with the photographer that allows use of the image.

Permission to incorporate a produced work (for example, consent to use a photo)  is distinct from image-use permission (consent from the person in the photo) and is additionally subject to Brown's policies for Copyright and Fair Use.

Additional Resources and Guidelines

The Office of University Communications maintains internal tip sheets and guidelines for members of the campus community seeking additional guidance to understand image permissions. Please email the Office of University Communications to request any of the following documents:

  • “Do I Need Image Use Permission?” Chart
  • Managing Image Permissions- Implementation Guide
  • Detailed FAQ for Understanding Brown’s Use of Images