Flickr is a photo-sharing site where anyone can upload photos and videos and tag them with keywords and locations. Users can also add photos to "groups," which are collections of photos from various users.

Brown moderates the Brown University group pool, a public collection of Brown-related photos from various users. Feel free to add any of your pictures from around Brown to the pool!

You can also take a look at Brown's Galleries, which are hand-picked collections of users' photos from around Flickr. There are galleries for Brown in winter, public art, Thayer Street and more. As an owner of a Flickr account, you may organize your photos into Sets and Collections. Sets are groups of photos and videos organized around a common theme, such as an event or subject matter. Each photo can appear in multiple sets. Collections are groups of sets. Once photos are in a set, you may embed them in a website or display them as a slideshow.

You may also share photos and sets on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, and other sites straight from the Flickr website. There are multiple privacy levels for Flickr sets and photos: you may make them private, accessible only to certain contacts or public.