Twitter is a service that allows anyone to post or send out "Tweets," which are 140-character updates posted on a user's Twitter Profile.

University Communications uses Twitter to amplify tweets from across campus and to provide news, events and important University announcements via @BrownUniversity. Alumni can keep in touch with Brown through the Twitter feeds of the Brown Alumni Magazine and the Alumni Association. Explore departments, organizations and initiatives across campus with the Brown Twitter List.

The power of Twitter lies in easy and immediate accessibility to a potential audience, the brevity of posted messages, the speed at which information may be transmitted and the ability to update multiple times a day. To maximize your use of Twitter and engage with the community, bookmark the Brown Twitter List, use Hashtags and ReTweet often. Hashtags, which are words or phrases preceded by the pound sign (#), are useful for driving discussion or conversation around an issue or idea, as well as for categorizing posts. They are like subject lines in emails or tags added to blog posts. You may also tweet at users by using the @ sign before the username, such as: "@brownuniversity: I will miss you when I graduate!" Explore the Twitter-owned service TweetDeck to schedule Tweets, manage Lists and monitor keywords.

Visit the Twitter Help Center, Brand Resources, Twitter for Business and Advertising, Featured Success Stories and Embedding a Tweet on your website or blog.