The basic financial support package for graduates in the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology is provided by the Graduate School through a variety of means over the course of a student’s career at Brown University. These include fellowships, teaching fellowships (when a graduate creates and teaches his or her own class), teaching assistantships (when a graduate works closely with a professor and a class), and proctorships (non-instructional academic employment). The last category Coincan include a range of responsibilities, such as working with Institute collections, in the library, with computer facilities, or organizing seminar series and other events. The Graduate School and the Joukowsky Institute view teaching appointments and proctorships as prime opportunities to gain professional and pedagogical experience.

In addition, the Joukowsky Institute offers, by application to the Director and the Director of Graduate Studies, funding for research and travel, or other dissertation-related expenses.

Students are also encouraged to seek out other Fellowships and Awards.