Faculty, staff, and current doctoral students of the Joukowsky Institute have compiled a list of questions that prospective graduate students ask us about applying to our program, or to graduate school more generally. Our hope is that we can help demystify the application process, and help potential students think through the pros and cons of graduate school, by providing honest answers from the perspectives of those who have been through it -- on both sides of the decision-making process.

We will be updating and adding to these responses, based on additional feedback and questions. If you have suggestions or questions we have not yet addressed, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]

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An Index of Our FAQs:

  • Who should you contact with questions?

    • Who should you ask if you have questions about completing the online application?
    • Should you contact faculty in advance to talk about the program or the application?
    • Should you visit campus?
  • ​What makes a successful applicant?

    • What academic qualifications do we look for in an applicant?
      • Is there a minimum GPA or minimum GRE score required for application?
      • Do you need to have a Master’s degree already?
      • Do you need to have an undergraduate degree in Archaeology?
    • Is previous fieldwork required? What kinds of fieldwork experience do we look for?
    • What nationalities do we accept (or prefer)?
    • Should you already have a dissertation project in mind, or even in progress, before you apply?
    • What languages are required?
  • What is the process for applying?

    • Where can you access the application?
    • Should you submit your application early?
    • Can we see your draft application?
    • Are there interviews?
    • What is the timeline for applying and for admissions decisions?
    • What's on the application?

      • Personal Information
      • Educational History
      • Exams
      • Resume/Work Experience
      • Letters of Recommendation
      • Awards/Publications/Online Work
      • Additional Information (Languages)
      • Personal Statement
      • Writing Sample
      • Question Regarding Brown's Inclusive Community
      • Is there funding available for graduate school?

        • How much does it cost to submit an application?
        • Are there other costs associated with applying?
        • Is funding available for fieldwork, conferences, or other expenses for accepted students?
        • Will you be expected to have a job while you’re a graduate student?

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