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Laurel BestockLaurel Bestock

Interim Director, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World
Associate Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World and Egyptology and Assyriology
[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 101

Laurel Bestock's research focuses on the material culture of the Nile Valley. She is particularly interested in kingship, monumentality, the contexts and audiences for art and architecture, and cultural interactions.

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Sheila BondeSheila Bonde

Chair, History of Art and Architecture, Professor of Archaeology, and Professor of History of Art and Architecture
[email protected]
List Art Building, Room 413

Sheila Bonde is an archaeologist and architectural historian specializing in the study of medieval sites and their representation. She has excavated in England, France and Israel, and currently directs the MonArch excavation in France.

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John F. CherryJohn Cherry

Joukowsky Family Professor in Archaeology
Professor of Classics; Professor of Anthropology
[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 105

John Cherry's teaching and research interests, and thus also his publications, are eclectic, and reflect his "mixed" background in Classics, Anthropology, and Archaeology, as well as educational training on both sides of the Atlantic, and archaeological fieldwork experience in Great Britain, the United States, Yugoslavia, Albania, Italy, the southern Caucasus, and (especially) Greece. He currently co-directs a diachronic field survey project on Montserrat in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles.

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Zachary DunsethZachary Dunseth

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Archaeology and the Ancient World
[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 102

Zachary Dunseth's research focuses on the Intermediate Bronze Age (c. 2500-1950 BCE) settlement phenomena in the arid Negev Highlands through a microarchaeological perspective. He has excavated extensively in Israel, including Megiddo and  in the Negev Highlands.

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Tyler FranconiTyler Franconi

Visiting Assistant Professor of Archaeology
[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 210

Tyler Franconi is a Roman archaeologist whose research focuses on the economic and environmental history of the Roman Empire, especially in Western Europe. He co-directs the Upper Sabina Tiberina Project in central Italy, and is a specialist in Roman small finds and ceramics.

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Yannis HamilakisYannis Hamilakis

Joukowsky Family Professor of Archaeology and Professor of Modern Greek Studies
[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 007

Yannis Hamilakis's main research and teaching interests are the socio-politics of the past, the body and bodily senses, the archaeology of eating and drinking, the ontology and materiality of photography, archaeology and nationalism, archaeological ethnography, and critical pedagogy in archaeology.  His main geographical research focus has been Greece and the Aegean, and he co-directs the Koutroulou Magoula Archaeology and Archaeological Ethnography Project.

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Candace RiceCandace Rice

Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Classics
Director of Graduate Studies, Doctoral Program in Archaeology and the Ancient World
[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 209

Candace Rice's research focuses on Mediterranean maritime trade and economic development during the Roman period. She is particularly interested in exploring what the archaeological record reveals about the ways in which connectivity changed the nature of the Roman economy through enhanced supra-regional integration and specialized local economic development.

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Felipe RojasFelipe Rojas

Associate Professor of Archaeology and Assyriology
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Archaeology and the Ancient World
[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 212

Felipe Rojas specializes in the Eastern Mediterranean during the classical period. He has conducted fieldwork at different sites in Anatolia and the Levant, including Sardis and Aphrodisias. He currently directs the Brown University Labraunda Project and is the associate director of the Notion Archaeological Survey, both of which explore major sites in ancient western Turkey, and the Brown University Petra Terraces Archaeological Project, in Petra, Jordan.

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Andrew SchererAndrew Scherer

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology
[email protected]
Giddings House, Room 215

Andrew Scherer is an anthropological archaeologist and biological anthropologist with a geographic focus in Mesoamerica (Maya). He co-directs an interdisciplinary archaeological research project that is exploring Classic Maya polities along the Usumacinta River in Mexico.

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Peter van DommelenPeter van Dommelen

Joukowsky Family Professor in Archaeology
Professor of Anthropology and Italian Studies
[email protected]
Rhode Island Hall, Room 009

Peter van Dommelen is a Mediterranean archaeologist, whose research and teaching revolve around the rural Mediterranean past and present. The regional focus of his work lies in the western Mediterranean, where he carries out long-term fieldwork on the island of Sardinia.

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