Graduation Requirements

Program Requirements

The following list is an overview of the requirements for the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering. For more specific details, please refer to the Graduate Program Guidelines.

  • A minimum of 8 tuition units (e.g. 8 courses, not more than 3 of which are for thesis research) is required for master's degree.
  • Must take an approved set of courses, at least 5 structured (not seminar, not independent study) advanced-level (1000 or 2000) biology and engineering courses, at least 2 in biology and at least 2 in engineering.
  • Must complete ethics training module.
  • Must receive a grade of B or better, courses must be taken for a grade rather than credit/no credit.
  • Credit for graduate level courses taken at Brown or elsewhere not accepted or transferable.
  • Must choose a thesis advisor before start of first semester.
  • Submit final thesis, present work as a seminar and pass final oral examination by Thesis Committee.
  • The Thesis Committee is jointly selected by the student and the advisor: Thesis advisor, Two other Brown faculty (1 from Engineering and 1 from Biology/Medicine)