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Brown Black Hairitage group hosts its first annual Black Hair Show

As part of the first annual Black Hair Show, Brown Black Hairitage club leaders, including Kira Dubose (BRDD 2022, Film/Animation/Video, Psychology), invited students, faculty, stylists, and community members to celebrate the societal impact of Black hair.

Read more about the Hairitage Group and the Black Hair Show online.

Seabass Immonen Shows Garments at Brown's Annual Runway Show

Brown student Manuel Camarillo walks the catwalk in garments designeed by Seabass Immonen (BRDD 2023, Apparel and International Relations) during the Fashion @ Brown Tenth Annual Runway Show. [ Image from The Providence Journal / Kris Craig]

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‘This is Your Life’ unpacks universal experiences Ruggiero ’22, Poisson ’22 display works from RISD Collaborative Study Project

Rémy Poisson (BRDD 2022, Illustration and Literary Arts) and Jake Ruggiero (BRDD 2022, Illustration and Biology) are featured in the Brown Daily Herald for their exhibition, "This is Your Life," displaying works from their RISD Wintersession Collaborative Study Project.

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Nadia Wolff (BRDD 2021) Exhibits Work at Group Show, Roots & Roads, Centering Black Hair Culture

Nadia Wolff (BRDD 2021, Textiles & Literary Arts) performed in a work at the opening of the exhibition Roots and Roads at Franklin Street Works on Saturday, Feb. 8th.


Read more the Roots & Roads group exhibition exploring Black hair culture.

Brown|RISD Dual Degree 12th Annual Exhibition: Many Years Later... Featured in the Arts & Culture Section of the Brown Daily Herald

Students in the Dual Degree Program were invited to submit work that responded to the theme “Many Years Later.” Their pieces spoke to concepts of time, memory, routine and change using a diverse array of media, from sculpture to stop-motion animation..  ~Brown Daily Herald

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The 2018 Stanford-Brown-RISD iGEM team receives recognition for their work exploring the potential of using fungal mycelium for outposts on the moon and Mars

The work of the 2018 Stanford-Brown-RISD iGEM team, which includes BRDD 2021 students, Emilia Mann (Apparel Design, Engineering) and Javier Syquia (Graphic Design, Chemistry) is featured in CNET, Popular Mechanics, and SPACE.
~photo from 2018 iGEM Team Stamford-Brown-RISD

Fly Me to Edo

Danning Niu (BRDD 2020, Interior Architecture, East Asian Studies), 2019 RISD Museum Andrew W. Mellon Summer Intern in Asian Art, created a 3D virtual reality exploration of the Kanzeon Raijin Gate in Edo, Japan, as seen in an 1820s print.

Read more on the RISD Museum website.

I Am Not a Robot | Yunni Cho | TEDxBrownU

Yunni Cho (BRDD 2021, Interior Architecture, Urban Studies, Cognitive Neuroscience) presented at TEDxBrownU in October 2019.  In her talk, I Am Not a Robot, Yunni explores how creativity makes human beings irreplaceable​ by artificial intelligence.

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New augmented reality system lets smartphone users get hands-on with virtual objects

Developed at Brown University, a new augmented reality system places virtual objects within real-world backgrounds on cell phone screens and lets people interact with those object by hand as if they were really there.

Jiaju Ma (BRDD 2021, Industrial Design, Computer Science) is a co-author on the research paper.

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‘Jesus Shoes’ with actual holy water inside them sell for $3,000

MSCHF, Brooklyn-based product design company, with creative directors, Lukas Bentel (BRDD 2015, Furniture Design, Computer Music and Multimedia) and Kevin Wiesner (BRDD 2015, Industrial Design, Engineering) were recognized for their 'Jesus Shoes" project in New York Post.  

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