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Yukti Agarwal (BRDD 2024) and Naya Chang (BRDD 2024) Among RISD Baker + Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest Prize Winners

Yukti Vishal Agarwal (BRDD 2024, Textiles, Undeclared) and Naya Lee Chang (BRDD 2024, Furniture Design, Undeclared) win purchase prices in the seventh annual RISD Baker + Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest and Exhibition.  

View their books and read their artist statements, which are now part of the Fleet Library's Special Collections.

Biological Design: In conversation with Joyce Lin (BRDD 2017)

"Natural science and furniture making might seem like completely opposed fields of study and practice, but for emerging designer Joyce Lin (BRDD 2017, Furniture Design, Geology-Biology) the two are intrinsically linked. As a recent graduate of the Brown–Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Dual Degree Program, the Houston-based wunderkind combines the best of both worlds in works of art that challenge common perceptions. " -  AN Interior

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Joyce Lin (BRDD 2017) Named as Youngest Member of “Objects: USA 2020” 

Joyce Lin (BRDD 2017, Furniture, Geology Biology) Named as Youngest Member of “Objects: USA 2020” 

Celebrating its 50th-anniversary exhibition, “Objects: USA 2020” features 50 of the artists from the original show and 50 contemporary artists considered to be the most impactful today in American culture, blurring the boundaries of art and craftsmanship.  "Lin, who did a dual degree program—majoring in geology and biology at Brown, and furniture design at RISD—creates furniture that expresses the complexities and anxieties of the Anthropocene." - W Magazine

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Check out Joyce's work and artist statement on the R & Company site.

Fulbright Fellow Ying Bonny Cai (BRDD 2018) Stays the Course

Ying Bonny Cai (BRDD 2018, East Asian Studies, Economics, Apparel) spent a year as a Fulbright Fellow in Seoul studying traditional Korean apparel with contemporary makers reviving and modernizing ancient customs.  Cai began investigating hanbok as an Apparel Design major at RISD.

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American Craft Council Maker Spotlight on Jorge Palacios (BRDD 2020)

Jorge Palacios' (BRDD 2020, Astrophysics, Glass) "multimedia art that sits at the intersection of physics, ancestry, and legacy" is celebrated in a Maker Spotlight in American Craft, the magazine of the American Craft Council.

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Dwell Profiles Laura Jaramillo (BRDD 2020)

Laura Jaramillo (BRDD 2020, Furniture Design, Gender and Sexuality Studies ) designs everyday objects and tools that speak to the human experiences of memory, belonging, identity, and love.  In her interview, Laura shares, "My goal is to capture memories with an object that already exists and then to make new objects that intensify that emotion." - Dwell

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Yunni Cho (BRDD 2021) is among RISD Maharam Fellows Modifying their Projects During Pandemic

Yunni Cho (BRDD 2021, Interior Architecture, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Urban Studies) is among nine RISD Maharam Fellows working virtually to bring the benefits of art and design to nonprofits around the world this summer.  

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Ali Dipp (BRDD 2022): Building a platform for ‘borderlanders’ in the Southwest

Ali Dipp (BRDD 2022, Painting, English), a native of El Paso, Texas, engages digital marketplaces, murals and storytelling to celebrate the unique character of the Southwest.

"To dispel what she calls myths and mischaracterizations about the region, while also working to unite members of the “borderlander” community through a shared experience, Dipp is spending the summer creating Work Project, a digital platform for Southwestern self-representation."

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Kate Reed (BRDD 2021): Finding a niche in biomimetic design

Kate Reed (BRDD 2021, Industrial Design, Independent Concentration in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship) builds wearable biomimetic computers.  She is pursuing several summer projects that use cutting-edge technology to connect people to the natural world and to each other such as the sonic invisibility cloak (pictured above), which confronts issues surrounding privacy in the digital age.

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Gucci Announces the North America Changemakers Scholars

Glory SeungHee Lee (BRDD 2024, Apparel Design & Undeclared) is among 20 college students selected by fashion brand Gucci as an inaugural recipient of the Gucci North America Changemakers Scholarship program to investing in the education of designers and racial diversity within the US fashion industry.