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SURFing in the Time of Climate Change

NSF's 2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program brought two undergrads to the Nature Lab to work on a project around the topic of "designing a visual platform for exploring climate change impacts in coastal plant communities."

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Ariana Martinez: 2018 Signal to Noise Recipient

Gilded Audio Design, in partnership with Union Docs, is proud to announce Ariana Martinez as the winner of the inaugural Signal To Noise award. The award is presented to support work on her project Para cruzar el agua / To Cross the Water. - via Gilded Audio Design 

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Talking “Fodder” with Allison Morgan (BRDD 2016)

Fiber artist Allison Morgan shares the inspiration behind her intricately beaded sculptural works. - Sarah Bochicchio, Art & Object

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Dual Degree Grads Fuse Art + Science

Arguably the only thing more difficult than pursuing a BFA at RISD or an AB at Brown University is doing both—simultaneously. But a small group of brilliant and extremely motivated undergraduates are doing just that—integrating academic and artistic pursuits over the course of five years to develop a unique and cohesive course of study through the Brown|RISD Dual Degree (BRDD) program. —Simone Solondz, RISD Media

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Questions of Identity

Growing up black, queer and Catholic might sound challenging, but with support from their parents and teachers, Brown/RISD dual degree student Nadia Wolff BRDD 21 TXmanaged to find their creative voice and be named a US Presidential Scholar in the Arts before graduating from high school.  - Simone Solondz, RISD Media

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Paola Eisner Harvard Law ’19: Environmentalist, internationalist and artist

In the Harvard Law School Student Spotlight feature, Paola Eisner (BRDD 2014), shared her pursuit of multiple interests and how they connect around topics personal to her. At the HLS in the Arts Festival Eisner showed illustrations from her children’s coloring book featuring women,  Fierce Femmes

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Pursuing a Career in Film

Brown|RISD dual degree graduate Hannah Subotnick BRDD 16 FAV has wasted no time in pursuing her post-RISD career as an independent filmmaker. —Simone Solondz, RISD Media

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A Summer of Art + Tech

Ziebell, who is focusing on computer science and philosophy at Brown and majoring in Painting at RISD, learned of Eyebeam while researching artists he admires—people like Brenna MurphyTrevor Paglen and Brad Troemel who employ digital techniques to make work that comments on contemporary society. When he realized that many of these artists have participated in residency programs at Eyebeam, he contacted the studio to see if he could intern there this summer. Before long, he was working closely with Eyebeam communications manager and dual degree alum David Borgonjon BRDD 14 PT.   - RISD Media

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Design Without Boundaries

When Madison Kim BRDD 17 IA arrived in Vancouver, Canada as a 10-year-old immigrant from Korea, she turned to home-improvement shows on TV as a way to fast-track her English speaking skills. But something about those shows made a lasting impression. -Robert Albanese, RISD Media

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Designing a Future: Anisa Holmes ’16

Not only did Anisa's summer lay the groundwork for a potential future in graphic design, it also showed her how artistic expression comes in multiple forms: “It proved to me that you can make it work and have a really fulfilling career in the arts.” - BrownConnect