The C.V. Starr Program in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations (BEO) is an interdisciplinary academic program that supports research, teaching, and practice in the field of commerce. BEO's sponsoring departments of Economics and Sociology and the School of Engineering provide a unique scholarly foundation based upon economics, organizational studies, and entrepreneurship and technology management. Without a business school at Brown, the Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations Program allows faculty and students a unique perspective on the critical issues facing businesses and organizations today.

An important component of BEO is a multidisciplinary, multi-track undergraduate concentration. This program:

  • Provides students with a rigorous and synergistic program in the study of commercial activity grounded in Economics, Sociology and Engineering.
  • Focuses on the formation, growth, and organization of new ventures, innovation in commercial applications, financial markets and the marketplace, globalization, and management and organizational theory.
  • Connects vibrant practice-oriented co-curricular activities to the curriculum, including mentoring by entrepreneurs and other practitioners in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, domestic and international internships, the student-run Entrepreneurship Program, and its business plan competition.
  • Is supported by interdisciplinary research that provides an academic grounding for the curriculum and keeps it innovative and fresh.
  • Culminates senior year with a team-based capstone project focusing on solving a strategic, organizational, financial or marketing challenge with a sponsor company or organization.

History of the Program

For many decades Brown has provided curricular offerings related to the study of business, organizations, management, technology management, and entrepreneurship.  The current program was created in 2006 as the CV Starr Program in Commerce, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship (COE). In 2012, the program went through an academic review and a recommendation - strongly supported by students - was to change the name to better reflect the nature of the program.  The curricular offerings of BEO and COE are virtually the same.

Prior academic concentrations include Business Economics, Public and Private Sector Organizations (PPSO), and Organizations, Business and Management (OBM.)