Brown students, faculty and staff challenge and support each other within a respectful and diverse campus community.

At Brown, you'll find a community of the brightest and most exceptional students and scholars from across the globe.

We are a community guided by shared values, an unyielding dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion, and a fundamental commitment to supporting one another.

We are a campus where students, faculty and staff discuss, learn about and debate difficult issues, building understanding of important challenges facing society. We are a learning community strengthened by the expression of a full range of views informed by a far-reaching set of life experiences.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Brown, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is fundamentally critical to the University’s mission of education and advancement of knowledge.

Straight from the Source

Hear from current students about the warm and collaborative Brown community.

How do you feel a sense of belonging at Brown? Haley Wong
Best thing about being on Brown campus? Stephanie Chan
What is the community like at Brown? Lauren Brown
Why did you choose Brown? Yifeng Cai
"Brown is…." William Irving

Community-focused Centers, Programs and Offices

Across the Brown campus, a nexus of organizations and spaces encourage all students, faculty and staff to find a sense of belonging, build relationships across differences and develop leadership and life skills to thrive intellectually and personally at Brown and beyond.

The Brown Center for Students of Color encourages students to build meaningful relationships across differences, develop racial and ethnic consciousness, and enact change at Brown and beyond.
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Hillel, the center for Jewish life on campus, is an integral part of campus social, cultural, educational, political and religious life.
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The LGBTQ Center works to create and maintain an open, safe, and inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students, faculty, and staff, their families and friends, and the campus community at large.
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Brown has been designated as a Silver Medal Military Friendly School. The University offers ROTC opportunities in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force.
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The Sarah Doyle Center offers programs and services for all members of the Brown community, and is a site for research into and exploration of gender issues that extend into and beyond the classroom.
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Resources for the Brown Community

Brown Speak

Ask students at Brown about the University community, and you're likely to hear some of the following:

Brown's pioneering diversity and inclusion action plan launched in 2016.
The Third World Transition Program welcomes new students with community-building programs that center the student of color experience.
Women’s Peer Counselors talk to first-year students about sexism, gender issues and sexuality.