Exploring the Red Planet. Unearthing ancient cities. Confronting the opioid crisis. Grappling with legacies of slavery. Searching for dark matter.

Brown is a leading research university, where stellar faculty and student researchers deploy deep content knowledge to generate new discoveries on those issues and many more. They generate scientific breakthroughs, shed light on social and cultural phenomena and conduct the basic research that sets the stage for future discovery.

What sets their work apart? Collectively, Brown's researchers are driven by the idea that their work will have a positive impact in the world.

Research News

Recent Articles:

A collaboration among scientists at the University of Alabama, the Miriam Hospital, Brown and other universities will evaluate a device that monitors what you eat and delivers smartphone prompts.
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Postdoctoral researcher Rui Gomes Coelho plans to excavate a trail once trod by WW-II refugees — now a migration route for thousands who are fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.
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In a finding that could be useful in designing small aquatic robots, researchers have measured the forces that cause small objects to cluster together on the surface of a liquid — a phenomenon known as the “Cheerios effect.”
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Understanding why platinum is such a good catalyst for producing hydrogen from water could lead to new and cheaper catalysts — and could ultimately make more hydrogen available for fossil-free fuels and chemicals.
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Research Publications

Impact: Research at Brown

Impact is a magazine devoted solely to the University’s research. It tells the stories of faculty and student achievements, and their influence in solving critical problems in the world through their exploration.

Centers & Institutes

Brown excels at education and research that integrate knowledge across diverse fields of study — a robust network of academic institutes and centers is at the heart of that work.