Life at Brown

Brown students, faculty and staff live active, engaged lives of teaching, learning and making an impact within a diverse and supportive community.

Brown's mission to advance knowledge and discovery benefits from the presence of an intellectually stimulating mix of voices and ideas. We are a teaching and learning community grounded in a respect for the views of others, even and especially when we disagree.

That mix of perspectives and commitment to respect — coupled with the innovative, dynamic spirit of the University's distinctive Open Curriculum — infuse life at Brown in settings that range from academic to residential to social.

Members of the Brown community collaborate on pioneering research, innovative startups, artistic performance and social actions. They travel abroad and partner with community organizations to find solutions to pressing local, national and international issues. They get excited about brain science, applied economics and Russian literature.

We are a community that celebrates deep intellectual curiosity, creativity and individuality. And Brown has long enjoyed a reputation for students who are at the same time happy and fulfilled.

Scene at Brown

Members of the Brown community are, by nature, curious and engaged. Active involvement outside of classrooms, laboratories and offices is central to Brown’s culture.

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