BEO Economics Track (BUSE)


The Business Economics Track, which includes courses in macroeconomics, corporate finance, and investment portfolio analysis, allows students to specialize in areas ranging from international financial markets to institutions and financial regulation. 

 --For detailed course listings see table below--
BEO Foundation Courses (must be completed prior to Senior Capstone) 8
ECON 0710 - Accounting 1
ECON 1210 - Macroeconomics 1
ECON 1710 - Investments 1
ECON 1720 - Corporate Finance 1
ECON 1629 - Applied Research Methods for Economics (classes 2021+) 1
or,  for classes 2019 & 2020 one Data Methods Elective (DME) course from list below 
1000-Level Economics Elective 1
BEO Capstone 1
Total BEO Economics Studies Track Course Requirements 15


BEO Economics Track Course Requirements 
8- BEO Foundation Courses 
ECON 0110 Principles of Economics 1
ECON 1110 Intermediate Microeconomics 1
SOC 1311 (fall only) Micro-organizational Theory  1
SOC 1315 (spring only) Macro-organizational Theory  1
ENGN 0020 (Spring), or ENGN 0030 (Fall) Transforming Society-Technology and Choices for the Future, or   Introduction to Engineering 1
ENGN 1010 The Entrepreneurial Process: Innovation in Practice 1
*MATH 0090, or Introductory Calculus, Part I (or higher) (Classes 2018-2020)
**MATH 0100, or Introductory Calculus, Part II (or higher) (Classes 2021+)
MATH 0170, or Advanced Placement Calculus
ECON 0170, or Essential Mathematics for Economics
^MATH 0200, or Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering)
APMA 0330, or Methods of Applied Mathematics I, II
^^AP BC Calculus, 4 or higher, or High School Advanced Placement Multi-Variable Calculus (appearing on Brown transcripts)
^^IB Higher Level Math, 5 or higher International Baccalaureate High School Higher Level Math (IB Standard-level is not accepted)
+ECON 1620 Introduction to Econometrics
4-BEO Economics Core Course Requirements
ECON 0710   Financial Accounting        1
ECON 1210 Intermediate Macroeconomics  1
ECON 1710 Investments I 1
ECON 1720 Corporate Finance 1
1- Data Methods Elective Course (DME)
ECON 1301    Economics of Education I 
ECON 1305    Economics of Education: Research 
ECON 1310 Labor Economics
ECON 1355 Environmental Issues in Development Economics
ECON 1360 Health Economics
ECON 1375 Inequality of Opportunity in the US 
ECON 1400 Economics of Mass Media 
ECON 1420 Urbanization in China
ECON 1460 Industrial Organization
ECON 1480 Public Economics
ECON 1510 Economic Development
ECON 1520 The Economic Analysis of Institutions 
ECON 1530 Health, Hunger and the Household in Developing Countries
ECON 1629 Applied Research Methods for Economists 
ECON 1640 Econometrics II
ECON 1650 Financial Econometrics
ECON 1660 Big Data
ECON 1759 Data, Statistics, and Finance
ECON 1765 Finance, Regulation, and the Economy
One Data Methods Elective from above 1
1 - 1000 Level Economics Elective 
ECON 1000 Level Any 100-level Economics course including a 2nd Data Methods elective (from above) 1
1 - Semester Capstone Course
BEO 1930C (fall) Capstone Seminar (required) 1
BEO 1940C (spring) Capstone Project (optional)
Total Courses Required for BEO Economics Track    15

 * MATH 0900 is acceptable as the math requirement for BEO students graduating in 2018-2020
** MATH 0100 is a new requirement for BEO students beginning with the graduating class of 2021
^MATH 0200 or higher is the math requirement for students in the BEO Entrepreneurship & Technology Track
^^  AP and IB HL course credit do not apply to students in the BEO Entrepreneurship & Technology Track. Students must request their scores to be sent to Brown from the College Board for AP tests.
+ECON 1620 is required to fulfill the statistics requirement for students in the BEO Economics Track