BEO Foundation

The BEO concentration requires that a student successfully complete 15-16 courses (out of 30 total undergraduate credits). Whether a student is required to complete 15 or 16 courses depends upon which of the three tracks they choose to pursue: BEO EconomicsBEO Organizational Studies, and BEO Entrepreneurship & Technology Management.  

The foundation of the BEO concentration requires students to complete two courses in Economics, two courses in Sociology, two courses in Engineering, a Math course, and a Statistics course. In addition to completing the eight BEO Foundation courses specific to the student’s chosen BEO track, students must complete an additional 7-8 course in one of the three BEO concentration tracks and a Senior Capstone

BEO Foundation Course Requirements

BEO Foundation Courses in Economics 


ECON 0110 Principles of Economics
ECON 1110 Intermediate Microeconomics
BEO Foundation Courses in Sociology, any 2 of these:


SOC 1311 Micro-organizational Theory (discontinued Fall 2019)
SOC 1315 Macro-organizational Theory 
SOC 0300 Organizations and Society
BEO Foundation Courses in Engineering 


ENGN 0020 (Spring)  

Transforming Society-Technology & Choices for the Future   


ENGN 0030 (Fall) Introduction to Engineering (required for ETCM track)
ENGN 1010 The Entrepreneurial Process: Innovation in Practice
BEO Foundation Math 


*MATH 0090, or Introductory Calculus, Part I
**MATH 0100, or Introductory Calculus, Part II
MATH 0170, or Advanced Placement Calculus
ECON 0170, or Essential Mathematics for Economics
^MATH 0200, or Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering)
APMA 0330, or Methods of Applied Mathematics I, II
^^AP BC Calculus, 4 or higher, or High School Advanced Placement Multi-Variable Calculus
^^IB Higher Level Math, 5 or higher International Baccalaureate High School Higher Level Math
BEO Foundation Courses in Statistics 


SOC 1100, or Introductory Statistics for Social Research
APMA 0650, or Essential Statistics
+ECON 1620 Introduction to Econometrics
Total BEO Foundation Courses All 8 courses must be completed prior to Senior Capstone 8

 * MATH 0090 is acceptable as the math requirement for BEO students graduating in 2018-2020
** MATH 0100 is a new requirement for BEO students beginning with the graduating class of 2021
^MATH 0200 or higher is the math requirement for students in the BEO Entrepreneurship & Technology Track
^^  AP and IB HL course credit do not apply to students in the BEO Entrepreneurship & Technology Track. Students must request their scores to be sent to Brown from the College Board for AP tests.
+ECON 1620 is required to fulfill the statistics requirement for students in the BEO Economics Track