BEO: New Curricular Pathways

In the fall of 2019, new curricular options will be available for students interested in studying business, entrepreneurship and organizational studies at Brown. It is key to note that the BEO Concentration as it exists today with 15-16 credits (depending upon the track) and the culminating senior year capstone project will continue through the academic year 2022-2023. For currently enrolled students and for those students entering in the fall of 2019 the BEO Concentration will continue alongside the new curricular pathways. Please see the New Curricular Pathways FAQs page for comparison tables and links to the new offerings.

The Departments of Economics and Sociology established new tracks within their concentrations for Business Economics and Organizational Studies, respectively in the spring of 2019. These new concentrations allow students to pursue these fields with significant disciplinary depth, relevant and focused advising, and the flexibility to take full advantage of Brown’s Open Curriculum. In addition, in the spring of 2020, the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the School of Engineering, will launch an undergraduate certificate program in entrepreneurship, which will provide curricular structure for undergraduate students who wish to make entrepreneurship an important part of their intellectual journey at Brown.

These new pathways build upon and intersect with the current Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations (BEO) concentration, which will continue through 2023. This timeframe will ensure all students currently enrolled students are able to continue with and complete their BEO concentration while we implement these new curricular options. These new pathways are available to all students at Brown, including those concentrating in BEO. 

May 15, 2019