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BEO Spotlight is a campaign highlighting stories of BEO alumni and students. BEO Spotlight focuses on the diversity, innovation and reach of BEO. 


Mary Butler, '19 BEO-ORGS and Public HealthMary Butler, '19 BEO-ORGS and Public Health


Mary Butler '19 is a BEO Org Studies concentrator and a Public Health concentrator. In addition to this rigorous academic pursuit she is also senior captain of the Brown Women's Basketball team. "Mary has been a leader and a competitor for all of her time at Brown," Mary Behn, head coach, said. "She works incredibly hard and always puts the team before herself. Mary embodies all of the qualities that we want in our captains at Brown. This senior class is extremely special on and off the court, and I'm grateful for their leadership."

What is your "go to" spot on Thayer? Baja’s What was your start-up in ENGN1010ENGN1010 Venture? Blossom: “Allergy prevention kits to help your baby thrive” Which is your favorite dining hall? V-Dub Would you rather be an unreal dancer or singer?  Singer What is your Senior goal? Making the Ivy League Tournament!

March 9, 2019

Meisha Lamb-Bell, BEO-ORGS '19Meisha Lamb-Bell, BEO-ORGS '19

Meisha Lamb-Bell, BEO ORGS, '19 is from Westlake Village, California. IIn addition to her studies in BEO, here is a short list of the clubs and activities Meisha participates in: she is a Meiklejohn Advisor, a CareerLab Peer Advisor, a member of the Women in Business Club, the Black in Business Club, a member of the Undergraduate Council of Students and a Brown Elementary After School Mentor.

What’s your go to Joe’s order? “I read this as Trader Joes and so my answer is cauliflower gnocchi with their vodka sauce. This is a recent development.”
If you could facetime anyone right now, who would it be? “Penmai or Zoe”
Movie you know all the words to? “The Five Heartbeats”
Favorite TV show(s) as a kid? “Between the Lions, Fear Factor, & 1000 Ways to Die”

March 6, 2019

Christopher Sullivan, BEO BUSE'19Christopher Sullivan, BEO BUSE'19

Chris Sullivan, BEO BUSE '19 is from Chicago, Illinois. He is captain of the men’s basketball team.

What is your go to spot on Thayer? “Chipotle all day every day” What was your ENGN 1010 business name and slogan?  Diap-tector: “Making babies’ business our business.”

 Which is your favorite dining hall? “The Ratty” Would you rather be an unreal dancer or singer? “Singer, but it’s a close battle” 

 What is your Senior Spring goal?  “Not to cry at the end of GoT”

 February 8, 2019

Vanessa Garcia, BEO ORGS '20.5Vanessa Garcia, BEO ORGS '20.5

Vanessa Garcia, BEO ORGS '20.5 plans to become a disability lawyer after having personally experienced ableist laws, policies, and standards. 

What are you interested in? 
"Besides mental health advocacy and mentorship, I am interested in social entrepreneurship, performing arts, Filipinx identity and culture, SA survivor activism, E-Sports communities, and animal therapy. I also work at Shiru Cafe, serve on UCS as Secretary, and organize skateboarding and breaking workshops for women of color." 

Whats your go-to spot on Thayer? 
"I love Bajas because I speak Spanish and like to have conversations with the friendly and outgoing employees there. My go-to order is a burrito bowl with carnitas, arroz, queso, crema, y guacamole." 

December 4, 2018

BEO Salutes our VeteransBEO Salutes our Veterans

BEO Salutes our Veterans. Thank you for your service!

Pictured left to right are:

James Fox'19 BEO ORGS, Former Naval Special Warfare Communicataions Specialist, full-time student at Brown, former intern with Loomis, Sayles & Company in the Greater Boston area.
Davin Lewis'19 BEO BUSE, Former Nuclear Repair Coordinator and Supervisor for the US Navy, full-time student at Brown in BEO and a part-time internal consultant to Munroe Dairy, Rhode Island
John McCrillis'18 BEO BUSE, Former Special Forces 18C (Green Beret) JFK SWCS- Commadants List, now an Associate at Bank Of America Merrill Lynch in the Greater New York area. 
November 11, 2018
Alexa Fisher, BEO ORGS '18Alexa Fisher, BEO ORGS '18

Alexa Fisher BEO ORGS ‘18 is a Category Specialist at She works on the movies team on all NBC Universal & Paramount products, which involves coordinating with distributors, setting pricing, and making sales projections. If you could Facetime anyone, who would it be? “Steve Burke, CEO of NBC, because I want his job.” ENGN1010 business idea? “Divit, an automatic bill splitter." Favorite thing you own? “This jacket."

Any advice? “Try your best but make sure you do other things. Getting all A’s isn’t necessarily going to prepare you to get along with your co-workers. Yes you’re getting a job, but you’re also preparing for life. Work on being a good person and a well-rounded person.”

 November 4, 2018

Miles Jefferson, BEO BUSE '19Miles Jefferson, BEO BUSE '19

Miles Jefferson, BEO BUSE '19 is from Swarthmore, PA on the Business Economics track. Favorite Joes order? “When Joe’s has wings, that’s my go to. But they never have wings anymore. They’ve been inconsistent with their wings” If you could FaceTime anyone, who would it be?" The Obama family."  Halloween costume? "I was Creed last weekend."

October 30, 2018


Kelechukwu Udozorh, '18Kelechukwu Udozorh, '18

Kelechukwu Udozorh, BEO ORGS ’18, and his co-founder, Gwendolene Mugodi Africana Studies and Literary Arts, '18, created Toreva, a small independent press that produces engaging storybooks that are representative of a diversity of African cultures, languages and peoples. Starting with Zimbabwe, they are creating books that allow black children to see themselves reflected in the books they read. Although their books are country-specific, they believe that the themes they touch on are ones that any child around the world can relate to. It’s for that reason that Toreva work for a global audience. As engaging as Toreva books are, they are also excellent teaching tools that we are using to transform the Zimbabwean education system. To learn more about Kelechukwu and Gwendolene’s work, or to purchase a book, visit #beyondbeo #[email protected] #brownuniversity

Octobert 23, 2018