International Internships

BEO has collaborated with alumni and partner universities to offer international internships in India, Hong Kong, Madrid and South Africa. All internships abroad are during the summer, with travel and accommodation costs covered. The internships provide exposure to the working environment of global markets in high-growth emerging market or mature economies. At the same time, students are immersed in very different cultures in Asia and Europe. The range of industries that accept our students spans the disciplines featured in BEO, including financial services, consulting, technology, retailing, marketing and research.

Nuts & Bolts

Who may apply?

The International Internships are open to BEO concentrators in all tracks who are in good academic standing and will just be completing either their sophomore or junior year at Brown.  Students may apply to any or all locations.

I'm interested, what should I do?

Interested students are invited to attend an internship information session to learn more about the program. 

A general information session for Summer 2017 will be held on Tuesday, November 29th beginning at noon in Sayles Hall, RM 018.

Additionally, a 2017 Hong Kong specific information session will also be held and is scheduled for Wednesday, November 30th beginning at noon at the CareerLAB. 

As part of these sessions, interns from the summer 2016 program will be available to answer questions.

How do I apply?

Students apply for available internships via the JIB. As BEO internships are confirmed for 2017, opportunities will be added to the JIB. 

Do I get academic credit or a salary for working abroad?

No. You get the invaluable experience of adding an international dimension to your academic preparation while being exposed to the workings of the global marketplace.

Do I need to know a foreign language to intern abroad?

BEO's internship in India requires that work be conducted in English. While it is not required for the internships in Madrid and Hong Kong, there is a strong preference for students who speak Spanish or Chinese, respectively.

When will I know if I have been selected for an International Internship?

Students will be notified by late February.

What is the financial cost of the internship for students?

The specific financial arrangements differ from place to place, but we seek to fund all travel and living costs related to working abroad. Students are expected to obtain a passport, finance personal travel pre- or post-internship, as well as incidentals on their own.

Why does BEO offer internships in these locations?

BEO has partnered with company sponsors that have connections to Brown, either through a joint program as is the case with the IE in Madrid, or through Brown alumni and parents.

What type of work will I do?

The internship is structured around a project that you will most likely complete with a partner. In India, projects can cover all the areas of work in a large corporation, from finance to market research, and our interns are assigned to projects depending on their experience and interests. In Madrid, the internship is in marketing and research associated with the IE-Brown Executive MBA Program. In Hong Kong, the work is in different areas of finance.

Is this good for my resume?

Often students tell us that their international internship was a defining experience work-wise, culturally, and personally. They were asked to research, analyze, synthesize, and present a project. They had to understand a company and its main stakeholders, and they had to navigate a different culture. Many students use specific examples of the experiences acquired abroad to illustrate skills and personal traits when interviewing for their jobs out of Brown.