Internship in India

TajMahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India: Photo credit to Zachary WhitmanTajMahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India: Photo credit to Zachary Whitman

Students interning in India generally spend approximately eight weeks working on projects varying from market research opportunities in supply chain management and logistics divisions to developing a business model for a social entrepreneurship project or even organizing a business plan competition. They attend client meetings and conferences and prepare presentations. Most importantly, however, they are challenged by a new culture and given the chance to learn about themselves and their priorities.

Here is what some of our interns have had to say:

"As a result of being in a global internship program, I was able to learn from the other interns who come from all over the world with unique backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles...I would also recommend this internship program because I believe it was well structured and balanced in teaching me about the Indian culture, with various presentations and workshops, and also in teaching and exposing me to business and work practices."
—Katelyn Landry, India Intern 2011

"This internship provides a great opportunity to learn about how the history of a country shapes how they conduct business with foreign countries. Also, India is an emerging country and this internship in particular gives you a good idea of India's efforts towards becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world economy."
—Gabriela Gonzalez, India Intern 2011

"We learned a lot of logistics and supply chain management terminology and processes as well as general business skills like report writing, presentations, and office decorum."
—Rianne Webb, India Intern 2011

"[The best part] was the freedom to pursue any project and the ability to sit in meetings with clients and others giving sales pitches, then eventually attending my own sales meeting."
—Christina Berry, India Intern 2011

"I would say the best part of the internship was being pushed.  I was forced completely out of my comfort zone when I was told I had to do a face-to-face sales pitch a couple of hours before the meeting.  I never thought I would get such real business experience, it was definitely more than I had expected for this summer."
—Roxana Gonazalez, India Intern 2011

"[The company] was very exciting to work for because it is growing fast and they really did seem to value our presence and our work.  The office was open and lively and it was easy to meet people and get a picture of what the entire company is like." 
—Melanie Friedrichs, India Intern 2010

"...I had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people from drivers to the CEO himself and everyone in between. Outside the company I was able to experience a completely different culture and way of life...the major lessons and take-aways I feel I gained from this experience include:  communication, independent time management, adaptability, market research skills, and problem solving."
—Graham Ahokas, India Intern 2010 

"[our supervisor] pushed us to make some tough calls about the direction of our project and I am very appreciative that he did because I think it only enhanced the overall experience! Not only did we have the freedom to make these choices, but it also gave us a feeling of ownership over our project and certainly made us more apt to defend or work during feedback sessions." 
—Naomi Inoshita, India Intern 2010

“It is a very unique opportunity and truly allows students to work in our ever-changing global society. It was very fascinating working for a private company in the world's largest democracy and living in what is slowly becoming a rising international power. Specifically, working for an American company in India was a privilege, as I was able to compare and contrast its organizational structure and general company needs with its foreign counterparts.” 
—Taj Moore, India Intern 2009

“While the internship work experience was very different for each intern, the program was an incredible opportunity to be immersed in Indian life and culture.” 
—Quinn Savit , India Intern 2009

"It’s a great opportunity to not only gain a great working experience, but you are able to learn about a very different culture and interact with tons of interesting people.  People in the office are very helpful and eager to learn about you.  However, the internship was so much more than just the work aspect. After living and working here for two months you really learn to appreciate the country’s beauty and the hardworking people.  Though at first you may be lost, you finally find order in the chaos of the city and learn to appreciate the entire experience so much more."
—Katherine Stanton, India Intern 2009

“It was a great cultural experience and very well organized.” Elephant Cave in Maharashtra, India: Photo credit to Zachary WhitmanElephant Cave in Maharashtra, India: Photo credit to Zachary Whitman
—Courtney Lee , India Intern 2009

"I had an amazing time. I would most certainly recommend the program to anyone who has the opportunity. I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity and it has been a most memorable summer."
—Elise Fishelson, India Intern 2009

“I would definitely urge people to come to India. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. The life, vitality and burgeoning growth is palpable wherever you go. The past 2 months have been a phenomenally immersive experience, allowing me to become part of a rich, vibrant culture that is very different from anything else I have experienced before. Indians are warm, friendly and helpful people, so the transition to ways of a foreign country was made very easy.” 
—Anastasia Verghis , India Intern 2009

"I would recommend this program for students who wanted to experience living and working in a foreign country or who wanted to see what life was like in India…” 
—Ben Xiong, India Intern 2009

"I would definitely recommend this internship program for future COE students.  It has been a phenomenal experience, both within the work place and out.  Mumbai is a great, lively place that is safer than one would expect.  The diversity in the culture of different regions of India is very eye opening.  I’ve met such wonderful people, made so many friends, and have seen so much.  By the end of the internship, I am more accustomed to the Indian culture and more able to navigate my way around Mumbai.   Overall, the internship was a worthwhile experience and a summer well spent.”
—Van Le, India Intern 2009

Temple in Hampi, Karntaka, India: Photo credit to Zachary WhitmanTemple in Hampi, Karntaka, India: Photo credit to Zachary Whitman

“I would definitely recommend this internship program for future students in COE because this is very unique experience. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about the culture, people, and the corporate environment in India. For those who seek adventure and interesting places and people, this internship is the right choice.” 
—Jay Guan, India Intern 2008

“At the outset I was asked to propose some general project ideas, based on the company's scope of activities. The company's human resource staff took those basic ideas and fashioned a project outline that turned out to be a great fit for me…I had a fantastic experience doing the research and analysis for my report because I helped develop its goals and objectives.”
—Christopher Hardy, India Intern 2008

“This internship overall has been a very wonderful experience. I have learned a lot more about the world, life and myself. It has provided me with good experience in manufacturing and design, which I could have not otherwise experienced at Brown. It also proved to be a nice supplement to the sociology class that I had just completed in the spring.”
—Angela Matsushita, India Intern 2007

“I think [the internship] was very beneficial to my academic development in that being in India exposed me to a different culture and lifestyle and thus forced me to see things from a new perspective. Americans are always crunched for time, wanting to see results right away whereas Indians seem to find joy in the details and thus seem to value the development of relationships more so than in the US. It’s small details like this that make me feel as if this experience was beneficial because it showed me how business works differently in different parts of the world.”
—Amir Valliani, India Intern 2007

“The entire corporate culture at work was very different than anything that I had come to expect from my studies and previous exposures. I became more broad minded about the way a company can function. In addition, I feel much more self-sufficient from being in a very different country and figuring out how else we can spend our time in India in addition to our internship.” 
—Beeni Mathew, India Intern 2007

“I would recommend this program for any student whose main objective is to see and experience India in its entirety—through living, working, and traveling.  It really is an unbelievable experience and a great opportunity.”
—Janine Kwoh, India Intern 2007

Snake Charmer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India: Photo credit to Zachary WhitmanSnake Charmer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India: Photo credit to Zachary Whitman