Student and Business Organizations at Brown

Brown University Entrepreneurship Program

The Brown University Entrepreneurship Program (EP) is a student-run organization focused on developing entrepreneurial learning, teaching, and practice. EP students learn valuable entrepreneurial skills, while building their personal networks, interacting with successful entrepreneurs, launching for-profit and non-profit ventures, and competing in business plan and other competitions.

Brown University Women in Business (WIB)

Brown WIB seeks to create a foundation of career related opportunities for the undergraduate population across a broad array of industries and professions. Essential to this mission are the components of external mentorship, community initiatives, educational speakers and events, and philanthropy.

Brown Sports Business (BSB)

Brown Sports Business is a student organization that aims to increase awareness and education of the sports industry at Brown. BSB works towards this goal by providing a forum for discussion on the rapidly shifting world of sports business, organizing events on campus that benefit the Brown and Providence communities, and giving our members hands-on experience they will carry with them as they enter the competitive job market.

Smart Women Securities (SWS)

Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is an investment organization on campus that aims to educate undergraduate women about equities and investing with practical experience and exposure to the financial markets. SWS is not only dedicated to educating its members; we aim to create a movement that brings financial responsibility into the hands of women everywhere.

Sociology Department Undergraduate Group (Sociology DUG)

The Sociology DUG is a group dedicated to building a supportive community while raising awareness of the concentration in Sociology at Brown University. Each year the Sociology DUG organizes a broad range of events: from intellectually stimulating alumni panels and guest speakers, to events like pumpkin carving and movie nights that build community through taking part and having fun. Through these events the Sociology DUG hopes to create a supportive network that will both add to the experience of undergraduate students at Brown and endure beyond graduation day: keeping students connected with the Sociology Department at Brown and with each other.

Brown Socially Responsible Investment Fund (BSRI)

Starting in Fall 2009, BSRI will manage a $50,000 pool of University money, investing in companies and mutual funds that make a profit while bettering the world. Potential investments include green energy research firms, microfinance and community lending banks, medical and pharmaceutical companies, environmentally conscious retailers, and job training or education companies — and any firm that seeks to mitigate its environmental impact or improve the lives of its customers can qualify for consideration. The fund's members will choose and evaluate potential investments, and ultimately all decisions will be made by Brown students.

Social Innovation Initiative

The Social Innovation Initiative (SII) will include programming for students across three stages, beginning by inspiring and involving students in and around social entrepreneurship, then supporting their work with skills and resources, and finally helping professionalize their efforts to be more impactful and sustainable.

Brown Investment Group (BIG)

The Brown Investment Group's (BIG) purpose is twofold: (1) to educate and provide a discussion forum for the undergraduate community regarding investing and finance-related topics, and (2) to leverage unique student insights in order to outperform the S&P 500. Currently, BIG manages over $155,000 of the university's endowment in an advisory capacity and provides students with hands-on investing experience.

Economics Department Undergraduate Group (econDUG)

econDug is an undergraduate organization that supports the study of Economics at Brown by organizing exciting events, conferences and smaller discussions with faculty, alumni and graduate students on the subjects relating to Economics, as well as identifying critical issues in the undergraduate Econ program and working on their resolution.

Brown Student Agencies (BSA)

Founded in 1969, Brown Student Agencies (BSA) is dedicated to the twofold mission of providing business experience for Brown Undergraduates and needed services to the Brown University community.