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The 21st century has turned to Asia as a center of international trade, culture, and critical inquiry. The Department of East Asian Studies offers Brown students a window onto this vitally important corner of the world, whose civilizations reach back several millennia and whose cultural and economic ties extend throughout the globe. A vibrant community of teachers and undergraduates who work closely together in the spirit of free inquiry, the Department of East Asian Studies embodies Brown’s unique mission “to serve the community, the nation and the world.” Read more.

The Department offers several tiers of instruction in ChineseJapanese and Korean, with courses designed to accommodate students ranging from those who have never taken a class in the language before to those hoping to hone their abilities at the highest levels.

East Asian Studies also offers Brown students the opportunity to explore the visual, textual and religious cultures of East Asia through introductory and advanced courses on literature, film,  pilgrimage and translation, among others.

The concentration reflects the Department’s multi-disciplinary approach and eclectic interests, and encourages the pursuit of competence in one or more of the languages the Department offers, and the development of a  plan of study  - with the help of faculty advisors - that reflects a well articulated theoretical, (multi)disciplinary or thematic approach to the study of East Asia.  Recent graduates of the concentration have gone on to employment in public service, the media industry,  finance, and consulting. A significant percentage of our concentrators continue their studies in graduate and professional schools within a few years of graduation.

Questions? Please contact the Program Coordinator or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.