Courses for Summer 2021

  • Sex, Gender, and Society in Imperial China

    This course examines the changing nature of gender relations across China’s imperial period, from roughly 200 BCE to the early twentieth century. From early cosmological ideas about yin and yang, to the policies of the Qing dynasty in the late 19th century, we will see how gender relations intersected with philosophical ideals, political agendas, religious values, and economic developments. We will examine the kinds of choices that were available to men and women at various points in time, and explore the ways that they navigated those choices to construct meaningful lives.
    EAST 0520 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • China Modern: An Introduction to the Literature of Twentieth-Century China

    A general introduction to modern and contemporary Chinese literature from the May Fourth Movement to contemporary Taiwan and the People's Republic of China. Emphasizes reading of literary works in relation to topics such as cultural tradition, modernity, nationalism, revolution, class, gender, region, cultural commodification, and literary innovations. Readings in English. No previous knowledge of Chinese required.
    EAST 1070 S01
    Primary Instructor