Study Abroad

The East Asian Studies program strongly advocates that students undertake study abroad. Our concentrators have found that studying in the country of their target language not only improves their language fluency but also provides them with new insights into the target culture—and into themselves. Immersion in an unfamiliar context, where one’s expectations and assumptions are challenged in new ways, is an exciting and rewarding experience. 

EAS is pleased to provide a limited number of fellowships to help cover the tuition for summer language study in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. The Call for Applications comes out early in the Spring semester: for more information, talk to your language teacher, or contact the EAS Program Coordinator.

EAS Study Abroad Coordinators


Wenhui Chen


Sachiko Hiramatsu


Hye-Sook Wang 

For detailed information about study abroad programs, please visit the Office of International Programs. Students seeking to receive concentration approval should first read through the process here. Any questions regarding concentration approval for content, should first be sent to Lingzhen Wang. For questions regarding language approval, please contact the subject approvals for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.