Courses for EAS Concentration Credit


Spring 2021

  Course Code  Course Title Instructor 
  CHIN 0800 Advanced Modern Chinese II Lung-Hua Hu
  CHIN 0920H Chinese Language and Culture Liwei Jiao
E CHIN 1010 Stories from the Chinese Empire: Scholars, Demons and Swindlers Kaijun Chen
  COST 0520 Tai Chi, Qigong, and Traditions of Energy Cultivation in China Larson Difiori
E EAST 0310 Japan's Floating World Janine Sawada
E EAST 0350 Empire and its Aftermath: Modern Culture in Japan and the Koreas Samuel Perry
E EAST 0533 Beyond Kangnam Style: Seoul, Dislocation, and the Search for Place Ellie Choi
E EAST 0620 Literature, Science, & Technology in China Kaijun Chen
E, FYS EAST 0650 Language, Culture, and Society: Korea  Hye-Sook Wang
E EAST 1293  Two Koreas Ellie Choi
E,S EAST 1310 Silk Road Fictions Tamara Chin
E,S EAST 1500 Returnees in China's Modernization Zhuqing Li
E,S EAST 1950H Translating Japanese: Short Fiction, Poetry, Film and Manga Samuel Perry
  ECON 1590 The Economy of China since 1949 Louis Putterman
FYS HIAA 1202 Mountains and Waters: Art and Ecology in East Asia Jeffrey Moser
E HIST 1111 Women and Gender Relations in China Cynthia Brokaw
E HIST 1121 The Modern Chinese Nation: An Idea and Its Limits Rebecca Nedostup
E HIST 1155 Japan's Pacific War Kerry Smith
E, S HIST 1961D Heaven Above, Suzhou and Hangzhou Below: Urban Culture in Early Modern China Cynthia Brokaw
  JAPN 0920D Japanese Language and Society through Contemporary Film  Naemi McPherson
  MUSC 0068 Music in China Since 1900 Lu Wang

POLS 1350

Chinese Foreign Policy Tyler Jost

Fall 2020

  Course Code Course Title Instructor 
  CHIN 0700 Advanced Modern Chinese II

Lung-Hua Hu

  CHIN 0920D Business Chinese Yang Wang
E CHIN 1040 Modern Chinese Literature Lingzhen Wang
S COLT 1420B A Mirror for the Romantic: The Tale of Genji and The Story of the Stone Dore Levy
E EAST 0534 Patriots, Communists, and Traitors in Modern Korea Ellie Choi


EAST 1292 Asia Extreme: Beauty and Violence in Korean Media Ellie Choi
E,S EAST 1940A Crafting Early Modern China: Handicraft, Witchcraft, and Statecraft Kaijun Chen
E,S EAST 1950B Chinese Women, Gender and Feminism from Historical and Transnational Perspectives Lingzhen Wang
S HIAA 1213 The Bureaucracy of Hell: Envisioning Death in East Asian Art  Jeffrey Moser
E HIST 1149 Imperial Japan Kerry Smith
S HIST 1978D Contested Histories of Colonial Indochina: Culture, Power, Change Cindy Nguyen


JAPN 0700 Advanced Japanese II Atsuko Suga Borgmann
  JAPN 0920A Business Japanese Kiko Yamashita
  POLS 1290 The Rise of China

Edward Steinfeld

S RELS 0555

Zen: An Introduction

Harold Roth
E,S RELS 1440A Themes in Japanese Buddhism  Janine Sawada

 E= EAST Elective      S= Senior Seminar 

Updated January 18, 2021