Courses for EAS Concentration Credit

Fall 2024

  Course Code   Course Title Instructor

 HIST 1120

  At China's Edges Rebecca Nedostup
E  HIST 1174   The Silk Roads, Past and Present Cynthia Brokaw
E RELS 1445   Sinners and Seers in Japanese Literature Janine Sawada
E EAST 0140   Childhood and Culture in Japan Samuel Perry
E,S EAST 1941   Translating Japanese: Short Fiction, Poetry, Film and Manga Samuel Perry
E HIST 1149   Imperial Japan Kerry Smith
E,S EAST 1304   Crafting Early Modern China: Handicraft, Witchcraft and Statecraft Kaijun Chen
  IAPA 1702I   Governance from Socialist to Post-socialist China Shanni Zhao
  COST 0120   The Classical Chinese Philosophy of Life Larson Difiori
  ENVS 1820   China’s Environmental History: Sources and Themes Brian Lander
E EAST 1703   Confucianism and Its Critics Janine Sawada
  RELS 2380A   Chinese Buddhist Texts Jason Protass/Harold Roth


Spring 2024

  Course Code   Course Title Instructor
E EAST 1702   Pacific Indigeneities Maro Dotulong

EAST 1703

  Brush Talk: Reading/Writing Across “Sinographic” East Asia Jeffrey Niedermaier
E EAST 1936   Memory and Justice in East Asia Rebecca Nedostup
E EAST 0010   Beyond Orientalism: Understanding “East Asia” Beverly Bossler
E,S CHIN 1040   Modern Chinese Literature (Senior Seminar) Lingzhen Wang
E EAST 0307   China Through the Lens: History, Cinema, and Critical Discourse Lingzhen Wang
E EAST 1503   Korean Film and Culture: The Appeal of Korean Film Ellie Choi
E, S KREA 1090   Translating Korean: Fiction, Poetry & Film (Senior Seminar) Sam Perry
E COLT 0711O   Off the Beaten Path: The Diversity of Modern Japanese Literature Sam Perry
E COLT 1350G   Silk Road Fictions Tamara Chin
  CHIN 0914   Environment, Food, and Health in China Lulei Su
E COLT 1422O   The Complete "Story of the Stone" Dore Levy
  EDUC 1655   Human Development and Education in East Asia Yoko Yamamoto
E HIST 1141   Japan in the Age of the Samurai Kerry Smith
E JAPN 1010   Readings in Contemporary Japanese Fiction Kiko Yamashita
E HIST 1123   China's Socialist Dreams

Rebecca Nedostup

 E= EAST Elective      S= Senior Seminar 

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