Courses for EAS Concentration Credit

Spring 2023

  Course Code   Course Title Instructor

COLT 0710B

  Very Short Poetry: From Tanka to Twitter Jeffrey Niedermaier
E HIST 1942A   Taiwan's Geographies Rebecca Nedostup
E,S  EAST 1702   Pacific Indigeneities: From Māori Mythology to James Cameron’s Avatar Maro Dotulong
E EAST 0010   Beyond Orientalism: Understanding “East Asia” Beverly Bossler
E EAST 0150   Language, Culture, and Society: Korea Hye-Sook Wang
E EAST 1502   The Korea “Brand”: Understanding KPop, Film, and Culture of the Two Koreas in the Global Context Ellie Choi
E, S EAST 0304   Words on Things: Literature and Material Culture in Early Modern China Kaijun Chen
E CHIN 1010   Stories from the Chinese Empire: Scholars, Demons and Swindlers Kaijun Chen
E COLT 1350G   Silk Road Fictions Tamara Chin
  ECON 1590   The Economy of China since 1949 Louis Putterman
E HIST 0574A   The Silk Road, Past and Present Cynthia Brokaw
  HIST 1820B   Environmental History of East Asia Brian Lander
E,S EAST 1932   Chinese Women, Gender and Feminism from Historical and Transnational Perspectives Lingzhen Wang
E RELS 1430   Buddhist Classics Janine Sawada
  COLT 1420B   A Mirror for the Romantic: The Tale of Genji and The Story of the Stone

Dore Levy

E HIST 0574A   The Silk Road, Past and Present Cynthia Brokaw
E JAPN 0812   Japanese Language and Society through Contemporary Film Atsuko Suga Borgmann
E CHIN 0920D   Business Chinese

Yang Wang

E JAPN 1010   Reading in Contemporary Fiction Kiko Yamshita

 E= EAST Elective      S= Senior Seminar 

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