Courses for EAS Concentration Credit

Fall 2023

  Course Code   Course Title Instructor

HIST 1121

  The Modern Chinese Nation: An Idea and Its Limits Rebecca Nedostup
E,S EAST 1704   Anarchisms in Asia and Beyond (Senior Seminar) Maro Dotulong
E,S EAST 1307   Sex and Society in Modern China (Senior Seminar) Beverly Bossler
E EAST 0305   China Modern: An Introduction to the Literature of Twentieth-Century China Lingzhen Wang
  KREA 0912   Business Korean Hye-Sook Wang
E EAST 0533   Beyond Gangnam Style: Seoul, Dislocation, and the Search for Place                                                                                                                                             
E EAST 1502   The Korea Brand: Understanding KPop, Film, and Culture of the Two Koreas in the Global Context Ellie Choi
E HIST 1961D   Heaven Above, Suzhou and Hangzhou Below: Urban Culture in Early Modern China Cynthia Brokaw
E HIST 1112   China's Early Modern Empires Cynthia Brokaw
E EAST 0401   Japan: Nature, Ritual, and the Arts Janine Sawada
E RELS 1440A   Japanese Buddhism Janine Sawada
  COLT 0510C   The World of Lyric Poetry

Dore Levy

E EAST 1401   Japanese Linguistics: Communication and Understanding Utterances Kiko Yamashita
  JAPN 0810   Classical Japanese Kiko Yamashita
  HIAA 0422   Mountains and Waters: A History of Chinese Landscape Painting

Jeffrey Moser

  CHIN 0912   Chinese Language and Culture Liwei Jiao


Spring 2024

  Course Code   Course Title Instructor
E EAST 1702   Pacific Indigeneities Maro Dotulong

EAST 1703

  Brush Talk: Reading/Writing Across “Sinographic” East Asia Jeffrey Niedermaier
E EAST 1936   Memory and Justice in East Asia Rebecca Nedostup
E EAST 0010   Beyond Orientalism: Understanding “East Asia” Beverly Bossler
E,S CHIN 1040   Modern Chinese Literature (Senior Seminar) Lingzhen Wang
E EAST 0307   China Through the Lens: History, Cinema, and Critical Discourse Lingzhen Wang
E EAST 1503   Korean Film and Culture: The Appeal of Korean Film Ellie Choi
E, S KREA 1090   Translating Korean: Fiction, Poetry & Film (Senior Seminar) Sam Perry
E COLT 0711O   Off the Beaten Path: The Diversity of Modern Japanese Literature Sam Perry
E COLT 1350G   Silk Road Fictions Tamara Chin
  CHIN 0914   Environment, Food, and Health in China Lulei Su
E COLT 1422O   The Complete "Story of the Stone" Dore Levy
  EDUC 1655   Human Development and Education in East Asia Yoko Yamamoto
E HIST 1141   Japan in the Age of the Samurai Kerry Smith
E JAPN 1010   Readings in Contemporary Japanese Fiction Kiko Yamashita
E HIST 1123   China's Socialist Dreams

Rebecca Nedostup

 E= EAST Elective      S= Senior Seminar 

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