Courses for EAS Concentration Credit

Summer 2021

  Course Code Course Title Instructor

COLT 0711O

Off the Beaten Path: The Diversity of Modern Japanese Literature Samuel Perry
  COST 0120/RELS 0120 The Classical Chinese Philosophy of Life Larson Difiori
E, FYS EAST 0520  Sex and Society in Imperial China Beverly Bossler
E EAST 1070 China Modern: An Introduction to the Literature of Twentieth-Century China Lingzhen Wang
E HIST 1110 Imperial China Cynthia Brokaw

Fall 2021

  Course Code Course Title Instructor
E EAST 0406 Foreign Bodies in Premodern Japanese Literature Jeffrey Niedermaier
E EAST 0534 Patriots, Communists, and Traitors in Modern Korea Ellie Choi
E EAST 1270 China Through the Lens: History, Cinema, and Critical Discourse Lingzhen Wang
E,S EAST 1305 Status, Power, and Identity in Mid-Imperial China Beverly Bossler
E,S EAST 1490 Word for Word: Linguistic Principles in Chinese-English Translation Zhuqing Li
  CHIN 0700 Advanced Modern Chinese II Yang Wang
  CHIN 0913 Culture, Society and History of Contemporary China Wenhui Chen
E CHIN 1040 Modern Chinese Literature Lingzhen Wang
  JAPN 0700 Advanced Japanese II Atsuko Suga Borgmann
E JAPN 1310 Japanese Linguistics: Communication and Understanding Utterances Kiko Yamashita
E KREA 1090 Translating Korean: Fiction, Poetry & Film Samuel Perry
  ANTH 1115 Anthropology of the Chinese Diaspora Grazia Deng
E,S COLT 0711Q Writing Love in Korean Literature Samuel Perry
  COST 0520 Tai Chi, Qigong, and Traditions of Energy Cultivation in China Larson Difiori
  ENGL 1180V Contemporary Asian American Writers Mary-Kim Arnold
E HIST 1123 China's Socialist Dreams Rebecca Nedostup
S HIST 1961N Colonization and Ethnicity in East Asian History Brian Lander
  POLS 1265 Political Institutions of East Asian Democracies TBD
E RELS 0080 Japan: Nature, Ritual, and the Arts Janine Sawada


 E= EAST Elective      S= Senior Seminar 

Updated June 23, 2021