This multidisciplinary concentration is designed to serve undergraduate students wishing to attain reasonable fluency in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and/or Vietnamese and specialized familiarity with selected East Asian subjects. The concentration serves students with two different types of professional and academic interests: those who wish to pursue active professional careers related to the East Asian region; and those who will continue their education at the graduate level in the humanities or social sciences with special emphasis on China, Japan or Korea. Concentrators’ academic experiences should culminate in their senior advanced research seminar. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will guide and supervise in the planning of individual concentrations to ensure the development of coherent programs of study.

A concentration in East Asian Studies prepares students in numerous ways for their post-graduate careers.  Our concentrators develop both linguistic and cultural competencies that help them navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world. They learn to think critically about how ideas and cultures change over time, and about the intersections of economic, social, and cultural change. Our graduates have taken the knowledge and skills that they developed in their EAS concentrations to a wide variety of professions, from academia, to business, to the public sector. EAS alums can be found working in Japan, China, Korea, and the U.S.

Declaring EAS + Concentration Requirements