Chinese Placement Test for Spring 2021

This is a short introduction to the Chinese Placement Test. Here you can find out whether you should take the test while you entertain the idea of taking a Chinese class. You will also get a general idea of what the test is going to look like. The test will become available on November 9. You can access the test by clicking on the links on the websites of the Department of East Asian Studies (link is below) or the Center for Language Studies.   If you have any questions regarding the test, contact Lung-Hua Hu (胡老师).


Placement Test (Simplified Version)                         Placement Test (Traditional Version)


Below is a table showing what courses we will be offering throughout the three semesters during the academic year of 2020-2021.

  Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021

CHIN 0100

CHIN 0200  
CHIN 0300  
CHIN 0400  
CHIN 0350    
CHIN 0450    
CHIN 0500    
CHIN 0600    
CHIN 0700    
CHIN 0800    
CHIN 0920D Business Chinese    
CHIN 0920H Language and Culture    


I. Do I need to take this test? 

●      No, if you have taken Chinese at Brown and received a passing grade.  You will be able to take the next level up and do not need to take this test.  

●      No, if you have taken a Chinese course at Brown and attended an ‘accredited’ summer program in 2020.  An ‘accredited’ summer program is normally one of the following: IUP (Inter-University Program), PiB (Princeton in Beijing), HBA (Harvard Beijing Academy), Middlebury College Summer Chinese School, any CET program in China or Taiwan, ICLP (in Taiwan), Chinese Language Center at National Cheng Kung University (in Taiwan).  If you attended a program that is not listed here, please contact the Study Abroad Advisor, Prof. Wenhui Chen, who will help you evaluate your proficiency level.

If you received a passing grade from one of the summer programs above, you will be able to skip a level and register for the next level up. However, you need to write to the instructor to receive an Override Code to do that.

●      Yes, if you have never taken any Chinese courses at Brown but have received formal Chinese language training elsewhere.

●      Yes, if you have never taken any Chinese courses at Brown but you come from a Chinese-speaking family or environment.

II. What is the test like?

●      The test will be administered through Canvas, using Google Forms.  A Brown email address is required to log in.

●      There will be six sections in the test.  You can choose your preferred style between Traditional and Simplified characters.  You have unlimited time to complete the test but once submitted, you cannot retake the test.  No external assistance is allowed during the test.  This includes any online resources, family, etc.

1.     Section 1 is a background information questionnaire.

2.     Section 2 is a vocabulary and grammar test.  The questions will be rendered in the form of multiple-choice questions.

3.     Section 3 is a reading comprehension test.  You will be asked to read a few short paragraphs, and then answer multiple-choice questions. 

4.     Section 4 is a character recognition test.  You will be asked to read five sentences written in Chinese characters and then videotape yourself reading aloud those sentences. Instructions will be available in the test.

5.     Section 5 is an oral test.  You will watch an assigned video clip and then give a gist of the clip in one minute.

6.     Section 6 is a short essay.  A topic will be assigned and you will HANDWRITE the essay.  Write between 100-150 characters or as many as you can; take a photo of the essay, or scan it, and then upload the image. 

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