Korean Placement Test for Fall 2021

Placement Test for Korean: FAQs 

1. Who does NOT need to take a placement test? 

a)   The so-called ‘true beginners’ (i.e. who has never learned Korean before or who does not have any background/prior knowledge in the Korean language). These students can register for KREA0100. 

b)  Those students who completed a course at Brown with a passing grade and want to move up to the next level 

c)   Those students who have completed a course with a passing grade at an institution in Korea (i.e. Brown approved or sponsored programs) during the summer (they need to contact [email protected] for credit approval and the placement in the next right level) 

2. Who NEEDS to take the placement test? 

a)   Those who have some background/prior knowledge in the language but are not sure which level will be the right fit 

b)  Heritage speakers (i.e. coming from a Korean ethnic background) should take the test unless you have already taken a course at Brown

3. What is the format of the test? 

It will be a personal interview through Zoom during which students will be evaluated on their Korean proficiency in all four language modalities (i.e. speaking/listening, reading/writing). At the end of the interview, you will be asked to write a short essay on a given topic. You need to have something to write with (e.g. iPad, pen and paper). 

4. Do I need to prepare for the test? 

No, you don’t need to. Just bring yourself. 

5. When can I take this test? 

You should email [email protected] for an appointment. If you have any other or further questions, please also contact Prof. Wang at the same email address.

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