Thanks for your interest in taking Vietnamese at Brown University!
We would like to ask all incoming students to take the placement test the week of August 22nd.
The test is about 60 minutes long and includes three parts.

● Part 1: Survey (10 minutes recommended). Part 1 is a short questionnaire that
asks you about your background in the language(s) you speak or have learned.

● Part 2: Multiple choice questions (20 minutes recommended). Part 2 contains 30
multiple-choice questions designed to assess your proficiency in Vietnamese.

● Part 3: Essay question (30 minutes recommended). Part 3 asks you to write an
essay with a length of 250-350 words to a question prompt. Please make sure
that you handwrite your essay, take a photo and upload it to this Google Form.

Once you have completed (or nearly completed) these three tasks, please make an
appointment for a Zoom interview
using this link.
Interviews will be given between August 27, 30 and 31. Please finish these three steps by the
time of interview.

Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
Cô Trang

Component Location