Math DUG

The Math Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG) is a group of undergraduate students who enjoy math and want to take part in the mathematical community at Brown. We help math enthusiasts at Brown form a cohesive community and sponsor events that help to get more people interested in math.  The Math DUG also hosts the annual SUMS conference in the spring, an opportunity for undergraduates at Brown and from all around the Northeast to present mathematical research they've done.

You don't have to be a math concentrator, or even be taking math classes, to participate in the Math DUG - anyone who is curious about mathematics is welcome and encouraged to join!​

To reach Audrey Aguiar, the Coordinator of Student Affairs int he Math Department, who helps us run things, email [email protected] or call (401) 863-2708.

If you want to come to the math department, here is the address:

    Department of Mathematics
    151 Thayer Street
    Providence, RI 02912