Diversity and Disparities

Diversity and Disparities is a compendium of projects based on more contemporary data.  It began as the Census 2000 Project at the University at Albany and then was supported by the Russell Sage Foundation and Brown University as the US2010 Project.  It offers data and reports on urban inequalities and residential segregation in the period 1940 through the present, and also examines trends in school segregation. Major activities include:

  • MapUSA – A web-based GIS system that provides data at the level of counties and census tracts for the decades 1940-2010.  Data can be visualized on-line or downloaded for additional analysis.
  • LTDB – The Longitudinal Tract Data Base estimates population characteristics for constant small areas from 1970 through 2010, based on census tract boundaries in 2010.  These data can also be viewed in a web-based map or downloaded.

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