Brain Science External Postdoc Seminar Series

The Carney Institute's Brain Science External Postdoc Seminar Series (BrainExPo) showcases the work of advanced postdoctoral scholars from around the world. The goal of this series is to: 1) provide a platform for early-career scientists to share their research and network with Carney's brain science community, and 2) provide an opportunity for the institute's community of faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students to hear about new innovative research.

During their visit to Brown, selected speakers will present their research to Carney’s brain science community, and they will have the opportunity to meet with faculty members and postdoctoral researchers. We encourage applications from postdoctoral researchers in any field of brain science. Invited speakers will be chosen to reflect the diversity of research conducted at Brown. We aim to attract a diverse group of scientists, and we especially welcome applications from women and people from historically underrepresented populations. For more information, email the selection committee.

Call for applications for 2022/23 are now closed.  

Photo by Barnea Lab/Brown University

The 2022-23 BrainExpo lineup of speakers is as follows:

Speaker Date Title
Marino Pagan October 24, 2022 Neural sources of individual variability in cognitive behavior
Aaron Kuan November 21, 2022 Neural Cartography: Mapping the Brain with X-ray and Electron Microscopy
Chen Ran December 5, 2022 The coding of visceral senses in the brainstem
Elif Tunc-Ozcan January 30, 2023 Hippocampal neuronal activity and BMP signaling in antidepressant action 

Hanieh Falahati

March 20, 2023 The Enigmatic Spine Apparatus of Dendrites
Feng-Kuei Chiang April 3, 2023 Information coding in primate prefrontal cortex underlying cognitive strategies
Tristan Geiller April, 24, 2023 Organization and function of local circuits for hippocampal memory processing


Photo by Plavicki Lab/Brown University

Speaker selection committee:

BrainExPo faculty advisors include:

Previous BrainExPo speakers

Speaker Date Title
Sergey D. Stavisky January 25, 2021 Intracortical brain-computer interfaces: from fundamental science and engineering to restoring speech, reach and grasp
Allan-Hermann Pool February 22, 2021 Mapping and re-engineering neural circuits mediating biological motivations
Anita Devineni March 29, 2021 Neural processing for flexible behavior in the Drosophila taste system
Lisa Scheunemann April 26, 2021 Context-dependent Memory Suppression
Seungwon (Sebastian) Choi May 24, 2021 Ascending somatosensory circuitry that shapes the perception of touch and pain
Ashley Ingiosi June 28, 2021 Of sleep and stars: defining a role for astrocytes in sleep and sleep homeostasis
Carl Schoonover and Andrew Fink January 31, 2022 Learning and forgetting in primary olfactory cortex
Megha Sehgal February 28, 2022 Co-allocation to overlapping dendritic branches in retrosplenial cortex integrates memories across time
Danique Jeurissen March 28, 2022 Parietal Cortex: Useless or flexible? Deficits in decision-making after cortical inactivation dissipate on two time scales 
Julieta Lischinsky April 25, 2022 Hardwired to attack? Understanding the developmental and cellular mechanisms for innate social behaviors in the medial amygdala
Micaela Chan May 23, 2022 Patterns of functional brain network in healthy and unhealthy aging
Emilia Favuzzi June 27, 2022 During brain wiring, specialized microglia are dedicated to remodeling distinct synapse types
Photo by O'Connor-Giles Lab/Brown University

About the Carney Institute

The Robert J. & Nancy D. Carney Institute for Brain Science is committed to supporting research and facilitating collaborations in brain science across the Brown University community. The institute's mission is to promote discovery and innovation in brain science by supporting a diverse community of experimentalists, theorists, engineers, and clinical scientists. We do this by recruiting and retaining world-class faculty, creating an outstanding collaborative training environment, seeding innovative projects, supporting collaborative teams, and raising the visibility and reputation of Carney researchers.

The Carney Institute supports research in four areas of excellence: neurobiology of cells and circuits; cognition and behavior; computational brain science; and neuroengineering and neurotechnology.