Rodent Behavioral Phenotyping Core (RBPC)

The Rodent Behavioral Phenotyping Core (RBPC) is located in room 093 of the BioMed Complex. The RBPC is overseen by the Carney Institute for Brain Science and directed by Dr. Arturo Andrade, who has more than 10 years of experience in rodent behavioral testing. The RBPC is subdivided into 5 interconnected testing rooms, each room houses independent workstations. Each workstation is equipped with ANY-MAZE and/or Ethovison XT tracking software, high-definition digital video cameras, and computers for data analysis. The core is in the same building where our rodents are housed within the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE). This allows ready access from housing rooms.

If you are new to the RBPC and behavior, please contact us to set up an introductory session that will include an explanation of how the RBPC operates, verification of IACUC compliance, and training on behavioral assays and consultation on experimental design.