CTN homepage.pngThe Brown Center for Translational Neuroscience (CTN) synergizes the missions of the Robert J. and Nancy D. Carney Institute for Brain Science and the Brown Institute for Translational Science (BITS). The mission of the CTN is to advance knowledge of the pathogenesis of brain disease and to translate this knowledge to improved clinical outcomes for families affected by brain disease. The mission has an emphasis in research and training related to deciphering disease pathogenesis, identification of new targets for molecular interventions, and development of improved diagnostics and biomarkers. 

In establishing the first formal collaboration between the Carney Institute and BITS, the CTN is a bench-to-bedside, “go-to” hub facilitating translational neuroscience research at Brown University and the clinical neuroscience departments in the Warren Alpert Medical School and affiliated hospitals. The CTN builds upon and complements current translational research strength and expertise at Brown, with a central focus on specific brain diseases. 

A key element of the CTN is multidisciplinary team science with a focus in molecular medicine. The science of the CTN starts with patients and takes the specific approach of genetically inspired translational neuroscience. To this end, an emphasis in the CTN is to follow the logic of genetics based in the approach of a translational neuroscience cycle of research. This cycle moves back and forth from fundamental basic research to clinical research — with each stage providing key information that can be integrated into clinically relevant solutions — and, thereby, serves families affected by brain disease.