Postdocs in Brain Science

Postdoc-20150512-BMED-Eric-James.jpgThe purpose of the Postdocs in Brain Science (PIBS) program is to foster a sense of community among postdocs and to encourage discussion about scientific, professional development, and policy-related issues. Our aims are:

  • To encourage interdisciplinary communication
  • To support postdocs' professional development
  • To establish a community and support network that promotes a welcoming environment for all Carney-affiliated postdocs and their families

With sponsorship from the Carney Institute for Brain Science, we have built a community for young professionals interested in the brain, and have worked behind the scenes to ensure that University policies promote a healthy lifestyle for its postdocs. We host a number of activities for postdocs, including social gatherings, professional development events, and lunch meetings with invited speakers. 

For information about postdoctoral positions at the Carney Institute, please visit the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Brain Science External Postdoc Seminar Series

The Carney Institute's Brain Science External Postdoc Seminar Series (BrainExPo) showcases the work of advanced postdoctoral scholars from around the world. The goal of this series is to: 1) provide a platform for early-career scientists to share their research and network with Carney's brain science community, and 2) provide an opportunity for the institute's community of faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate and undergraduate students to hear about new innovative research. Visit the BrainExPo web page for more information and upcoming seminars. 

For upcoming social, scientific, and career development events, join the PIBSBrown google group or email the Executive Committee. If you are already a member of the PIBSBrown Google group, you may email the rest of the group at [email protected].

If you are interested in becoming more involved, helping organize an event, or joining the Executive Committee, email [email protected].

For more information about resources available to the broader postdoc community, visit Postdocs at Brown