Carney Summer Scholars

The Carney Summer Scholars program offers world-class, hands-on training in computational brain science to undergraduate students who are enrolled at universities across the United States. We focus on computational approaches to understanding brain function because: 1) these are rapidly emerging essential skills for a successful scientific research career; and 2) computational brain science is a priority focus of the Carney Institute.

We provide a nine-week intensive summer research experience in Carney-affiliated laboratories on a computational brain science project. Hallmarks of the program include near-peer mentoring and weekly sessions devoted to professional development, scientific skills, journal clubs and preparation for graduate school. 

Kyla Mayo.png“I was introduced to fields of science that I had never even heard of. That really opened my mind to thinking about all of the different possible routes that science could lead to. ”
– Kyla Mayo, 2021 Carney Summer Scholar


Students are recruited through The Leadership Alliance, which provides undergraduates with training and mentoring in the principles underlying the conduct of research and prepares them to pursue competitive applications to Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. programs.

Selene.png“It feels good to be surrounded by people who are passionate about learning and willing to help you out when you don’t understand something and support you along the way. ”
– Selene Schiavone-Chamorro, 2021 Carney Summer Scholar


How to apply

Interested students should apply through The Leadership Alliance. Applications open annually on November 1 and close on February 1. Please select “Brown University” as your institution of choice, and “computational neuroscience” as your keywords of choice.

For questions about The Leadership Alliance program, contact Samantha Andersen, coordinator of undergraduate programs.

For questions about the Carney Summer Scholars program, contact Kristin Webster, Carney’s program coordinator. 

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