Trainees at all career stages—undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers—are instrumental in advancing our understanding of the brain. The Carney Institute for Brain Science supports training at all levels. Get to know our trainees, the work they do and what inspires them.

Undergraduate Students

As undergraduates develop their foundational knowledge of brain science, they contribute to new discoveries and help forge new research directions.

Graduate Study

Brown University provides a unique environment in which to pursue interdisciplinary brain science graduate training. Research at Brown emphasizes collaborative theoretical and experimental studies of the brain, from the molecular to the behavioral and cognitive levels.


The purpose of the postdoc program is fostering a sense of community among postdocs and to encourage discussion about scientific, professional development, and policy-related issues.

Training Programs

The Carney Institute manages multiple T32 awards from the National Institutes of Health to support training at the graduate and postdoctoral career stages.

Carney Summer Scholars

The Carney Summer Scholars program offers hands-on training in computational brain science to students who are enrolled at universities across the United States.