BIBS Appoints Association of Migraine Disorders Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pain and Migraine Research

The Brown Institute for Brain Science is pleased to announce the selection of two postdoctoral scientists, whose investigations into the basic science behind migraine disorder are made possible through the generosity of the Association of Migraine Disorders and the Blue Yak Foundation.

Dr. Tyler Brown arrived at Brown University in November 2011, where he has developed state-of-the-art imaging and optogenetic techniques to monitor and manipulate neural and vascular networks. He has ten published papers in the field of neuroscience and has presented his research at academic conferences throughout the United States and Europe. In addition to his laboratory experience, he previously served as a scientific editor for Neuron and was a program officer for the Medical Foundation in Boston. Dr. Brown earned his BA with honors from Indiana University and his 

Dr. Bruno Pradier is experienced in nociceptive measurements, histology, and microscopy. He has three published papers in the area of inflammatory and neuropathic pain, with another in press. He carried out his bachelor work at the University of Bonn with a focus on Biology. In January of 2015, he received his PhD from the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry in Bonn, Germany, where he worked with Dr. Andreas Zimmer on studies of neuroinflammation and pain related to cannabinoid receptors.PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan.

As AMD postdoctoral scientists, Drs. Brown and Pradier will collaborate with the Migraine Research team at the Brown Institute for Brain Science that includes the laboratories of Drs. Kauer, Lipscombe, Moore, and Saab. Drs. Brown and Pradier will attend national conferences and symposia to present on topics related to the migraine disorders and will contribute to developing a strong research enterprise focused on understanding fundamental mechanisms and finding cures for the migraine disorders. Each will begin their appointments on May 1, 2015. The Brown Institute for Brain Science looks forward to working with these two talented scientists and for continued collaboration with the Association of Migraine Disorders.