Mind Brain Research Day

Mind Brain Research Day was a great success! More than 130 posters were presented and approximately 200 people attended the keynote lecture by Prof. Trevor Robbins of the University of Cambridge. 

Congratulations to the winners of the poster awards:

Undergraduate - Mingjian He (1st place)
Graduate - Alastair Tulloch (1st place), Jessica Sadick (2nd place)
Research Assistant/Staff - Victoria Larson (1st place), Katie Scopelliti (2nd place)
Clinical Psychology Resident - Emily Gathright (1st place), Joshua Gray (2nd place)
Postdoctoral (Clinical Department) - Jessica Alber (1st place), Meaghan McCallum (2nd place) 
Postdoctoral (Basic Science) - Kelsey Barcomb (1st place)
Resident - Yosef Berlow (1st place), Amin Zand Vakili (2nd place)