Hyundai Visionary Challenge accepting project submissions on the future of mobility.

The Hyundai Visionary Challenge, hosted by Brown and sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company, is officially open for video submissionsThe portal will remain open until Monday, October 15.

On August 30, Hyundai Motor Company and Brown University announced plans to launch a research collaboration designed to accelerate innovations in smart mobility that can drive the creation of sustainable cities across the globe. The collaboration begins with the “Hyundai Visionary Challenge @ Brown” through which students and their faculty mentors can submit ideas for research projects in themes that support smart mobility innovation.

The areas for competition are:

  • Biology-inspired mobility: Looking to nature for inspiration, where can we unlock lessons and derive inspiration to shape Smart Mobility architecture? How can we use biology to inspire new ways of thinking?
  • Digital phenotyping: How can digital phenotyping inform Smart Mobility solutions to improve the individual and community experience? How can digital phenotyping impact the mobility dynamic within populations?
  • Human-Machine Partnerships: How seamless can we make the man-machine partnership? How does the man-machine partnership enhance the vision of Smart Mobility?

Winners will receive a cash prize (a total of $45,000, at least three winning teams) and an opportunity to speak at a global smart mobility conference in Silicon Valley. Winning projects will also be eligible for significant funding under a master research agreement between Hyundai and Brown. 

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