Seven postdocs from multiple universities to speak at Carney's BrainExPo seminar series

Seven postdoctoral researchers from universities throughout the United States have been selected to speak at the 2022 Carney Institute for Brain Science’s BrainExPo seminar series.

Organized by a group of postdoctoral researchers affiliated with the Carney Institute, the idea for the seminar series was conceptualized during a Carney postdoc town hall meeting two years ago. BrainExPo, now in its second year, was designed as a platform to highlight outstanding scientists with diverse backgrounds, promote cross-disciplinary collaborations and foster connections with the next generation of neuroscientists, say members of the BrainExpo Selection Committee. 

“BrainExPo provides the opportunity for the Carney community to hear from and interact with rising investigators in all areas of brain science research,” said Adrian Thompson, a postdoctoral research associate in neuroscience and a member of the BrainExPo Selection Committee.

The goal of the seminar series is to provide a platform for early-career scientists to share their research and network with Carney's brain science community, and to provide an opportunity for Carney faculty members, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students to hear about new innovative research, according to members of the BrainExPo Selection Committee.

“For Carney postdocs, it gives us the chance to build connections with our future colleagues and collaborators, and to develop as active leaders in the brain science community,” said Katherine Conen, a postdoctoral research associate in neuroscience and a member of the BrainExPo Selection Committee.

This year, the BrainExPo Selection Committee received 92 applications from postdoctoral researchers with diverse backgrounds, including biology of cells and circuits, neuroengineering and neurotechnology, and cognition and behavior. Six talks have been scheduled from January to June 2022. Below is the lineup of speakers. 

Date Speaker Institution Title

January 31, 2022

Carl Schoonover and Andrew Fink

Columbia University Learning and forgetting in primary olfactory cortex

February 28, 2022

Megha Sehgal University of California, Los Angeles

Co-allocation to overlapping dendritic branches in retrosplenial cortex integrates memories across time

March 28, 2022

Danique Jeurissen Columbia University Parietal Cortex: Useless or flexible? Deficits in decision-making after cortical inactivation dissipate on two time scales 

April 25, 2022

Julieta Lischinsky New York University

Hardwired to attack? Understanding the developmental and cellular mechanisms for innate social behaviors in the medial amygdala

May 23, 2022

Micaela Chan The University of Texas at Dallas Patterns of functional brain network in healthy and unhealthy aging

June 27, 2022

Emilia Favuzzi Harvard Medical School & Broad Institute of Harvard University and MIT During brain wiring, specialized microglia are dedicated to remodeling distinct synapse types

Visit the BrainExPo website for more information.